Friday, August 19, 2011

The Reel Wanderers

This post is actually not about me, or the babes. Its about some friends of our that are honestly doing the most amazing thing, and I just want to give them a shout-out of support.

Richie and Leia Buchanan lived in Nashville and grew up in Middle TN. They have two little boys, the oldest about to start kindergarten. They wanted something different for themselves and their children. So, this summer they decided to pack up and move. They sold absolutely everything to their name except what would fit in a van and small trailer.

They then set off out west. They did a  bit of research on where they would end up, and at the last I think it might be Bend, Oregon. But, they didn't know for sure. They are just going out there and will live where they like best. They just wanted somewhere different than TN. They wanted their kids to grow up differently and more open cultured than they did. So they set of a couple of weeks ago and saw the Western United States. They have camped and traveled.

Its just so awe inspiring that I just had to post about it and share their blog of their journey. It is just something I honestly would or could ever do, and I think that's why I admire them. Good for you guys! We will miss you terribly, but wish you and your family the most awesome  life and journey!

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