Monday, August 8, 2011

Steppin out Saturday - Gymboree, Mall, and Par-tay

Saturday was a busy day in the Stribling household. I actually had plans (shocker!) for Saturday night, so my mom came in town to watch the kiddos. Saturday morning was the usual Gymboree class. Since it was rainy and pretty yucky outside, we decided to take the kids to the mall and let them run around the play area. Afterwards, we thought we would eat lunch at my fave - Chick-Fil-A (if you don't have one in your area, well, sorry).

The babes had a fun time. They are a lot less stressed than I am when it comes to the "TODDLER" area. I say toddler like "TODDLER" because let's be honest, parents must be blind, because they clearly aren't reading the sign that has the height limits on there, because kids of every shape and size were running around like gorillas. . Don't get me wrong, my babes can hold their own, but whew, its exhausting trying to maintain peace and keep my babies safe and sound when gorillas are running around. This one child KEPT coming up the slide backwards and wouldn't let poor Josh slide down. I'm not that mom yet, who says discipline-like things to other kids, but I assume I will get more comfortable with it when the babies get a little older. Because let me tell you, it was driving me CRAZY.

Saturday night was super fun. Jake is a golfer. A pretty good one, too. Our summers are filled with lots of tournament type things, and this weekend was one of them. He and his partner came is second place, which was awesome!! Saturday night wives are included and its kind of an awards party with dinner and dancing and open bar. The band was awesome. Its kind of like a wedding reception without the wedding. Super fun times!

On Josh:
Shirt: Janie and Jack
Shorts: Gap
Shoes (not wearing): Crazy 8
Lid: Pringles

On Jules:
Dress: Old Navy
Shoes (not wearing but did that morning): Target
Lid: Also Pringles after she snatched it
Stain: that would be freshly spilled milk
Hair Style: Bedhead (these pics were after their nap, I forgot to take singles beforehand)
Roughhousing in the play area
Playing with the flippy tiles
Mmmm, Chick Fil A is yummy!!!
Mmmmmmmm!!! (yes, I sanitized the table, fyi) (also, look at his Gymbo clown hand stamp, they LOVE them)
Mimi and the babes

On Moi:
Dress: Steinmart
Shoes: Aldo
Earrings/bangle: Forever 21
Knobby knees: My father

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  1. Your babies and beyond adorable and I LOVE your shoes! You always looks o gorgeous, please share your secrets!!

  2. Chick-Fil-A!!! Our favorite!!! Your posts crack me up! So well written.