Saturday, August 27, 2011

Weekly Phone Pics

Welcome, Welcome! I was at the beach half of the week, so alot of them you will jealous of. So sorry about that. So, anyway, here is what we were up to this week:

What we were up to this week:

 - Destin!!
 - Loving my Kindle by the water, and starting Harry Potter
(yes, I know I'm the last person in America who has not read them)
 - Boys trying out the mechanical bull
 - Tanning (SPFed up though)
 - friend Jennifer "planking"
 - Diet beer :) MGD 64 - only 64 calories. That makes drinking 6 sooo much better, no?
- Dancing with Elmo
 - Making friends at the mall playcenter
 - Eating Chick-Fil-A Mmmm!! Mommy missed you guys so much!!!
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  1. Great photos!! I too, have not yet read the harry potter books... *sigh* I think I am going to have to buy them for my iPhone. Hahah...

    Thanks so much for linking up with iPhone Photo Friday!

  2. the photos are great!!!

    nice to meet ya!! we have two sets of twins, all 4 were boys!!! Twins are sooo fun!!