Friday, September 30, 2011

Flashback Friday - Musical Theater Junkie

Last night was was the kickoff of TPAC's Broadway series of shows. (Tennessee Performance Arts Center)
I have been a season ticket holder for a few years now (except for last year, because I wasn't crazy about the shows, and had new babies too).

I am a self proclaimed musical theater junkie. It started early. My mother is also a musical theater junkie, and she rubbed off on me and my two sisters. I was immersed in theater classes as a child, voice lessons, member of show choirs and choruses. Yes, we were that family. But I know have a love and appreciation for all things theater that I do hope to pass on to my children.

My first time to New York City was my sophomore year of high school. I went with my high school chorus. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity because we performed on stage at Carnegie Hall. Seriously! How many people get to say that once? And I get to say it twice, because I did it again my senior year. We were a part of a very select few of high schools invited to do this, and what an honor it was. I believe my first musical I saw in New York on Broadway was Tommy. Yeah, not a great one to say. But the next one was Phantom of the Opera (that one is much better) Since then I have been to New York many, many times. And every time we go we try and squeeze in as many Broadway shows as we can. I love it. It is my absolute favorite city and favorite thing to do. There is just something bout live theater that touches your soul. a

So in honor of TPAC's season starting, I am going to start a running list of  shows I have seen and keep it up each time I see a new one! (ones that are starred and those that I have seen multiple, multiple times and will see any time they are anywhere near me. They are faves), Hmmm, there are probably some I am forgetting after making this list, but I'll try and think of more.

42nd Street
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
The Addams Family
Annie Get Your Gun
Avenue Q
Bat Boy: The Musical
Beauty and the Beast
Carousel (never seen live, just the movie 1000 times - love the music)
A Chorus Line
The Color Purple
The Drowsy Chaperone
The Full Monty
Guys and Dolls
Happy Days
Jersey Boys*
The King and I (never seen live, just the movie 1000 times - love the music)
Kiss Me Kate
Kiss of the Spider Woman
Legally Blonde
Les Misérables*
Lil' Abner
Lion King*
Little Shop of Horrors
Mamma Mia
Mary Poppins
Miss Saigon
Movin' Out
The Pajama Game
Peter Pan
Phantom of the Opera*
The Producers
Rock of Ages
Sound of Music
South Pacific
Spring Awakening
Stayin' Alive
Thoroughly Modern Millie
West Side Story
The Wizard of Oz
Young Frankenstein





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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Edit Me Weekly Challenge

I love photoshop, adore it actually. Although I may not be teh great photographer in the world (yet, haha) I do love to edit them. Each week , this blog has a weekly photo edit challenge, and this week for teh first time I thought I would participate. So, here is my entry.

This was the before picture:

And the after: I softened the skin a bit, sharpened a few areas, lightened it up, and adjusted some contrast and colors.

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My Reflection of Something

What I swore I would NEVER do (and did)

So here it is. A Mommy confession, if you will. I did something I told myself I would never, ever EVER do in a gazillion years. I think it is truly awful. I bought kid leashes. GASP!!! I know, I know. Its just shameful. I have my reasons, though. Right now they run 90 miles an hour in opposite directions. And I have a nanny who is with them during the day Monday-Friday. And she takes them on outings during the week. Its not that I don't "trust her", per se, its just I am not there, and I know how hard it is to hold their hands and I am terrified one might get away from her and dart into traffic, or some other something on your imagination that is the unthinkable. And I know, sometimes strollers, are just not conducive in every situation. So, I made the decision for HER to use them (ha!). I still haven't been able to bring myself to take the leashes out in public with them. The looks I would get, the judgement, bad mothering, treating them like dogs, etc, etc.

 But, I have to admit. The babies LOVE them.  And when I say they love them, THEY LOVE THEM. The love that they have freedom. They love that they can walk all by themselves. And of course, they LOVE Elmo ('Momo'). I cannot say I would have ever done this had I just one single child. But, I don't. I have twins. Its a completely different ballgame. And let's go ahead and acknowledge the fact that its a chore just to get them in and out of their carseats and into Gymboree or the grocery store which is 15 steps away. And in those 15 steps, although I have my hand securely wrapped in theirs, it only takes a split second for something to happen. So, because I obviously cannot be there with them and their nanny during the day, this creates some peace of mind on my part, and it relaxes me to know that (ahem) they are on leases, lol. What do you think? Is this terrible of me, or did you use them?

That being said, we decided to try them out and "walk them" down to our subdivision's park on Saturday when Jake's parents came up. I mean, just look at the picture - they seriously love them! Will I ever use them in public, um, doubtful. I will forever use the stroller before these. (sorry, but I just can't - not yet. I am getting a little more used to them, though)

Papa, Jake and Jules. See? She loves it!

Vicki and Josh (ok, I must admit, it really looks like she is walking a dog)

Have you ever seen a more precious face in all your life?

Giving 'Momo' hugs. Seriously, I could die from cuteness

"Everyone - man your stations!". Everyone is in place at their station: Vicki on the steps, Jake up top on the slide, and JV down to catch them. See, having twins is much harder :)

Joshie going down the slide!

Jules and Elmo

Jules going down. She only did this about 2,302 times.

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Guest Poster - ME!!

Hey all! I recently was a guest blogger/poster over at Kirtsy. Love their site and slideshows. Its like Pinterest every day with a  specific theme. Go check out my post!

(oh, and don't forget to vote)

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Steppin Out Saturday - pretty fall day!

Saturday was fun around here! UT was not playing this week, so we just had a fun-filled day of outside time. (There will be a whole other post about going to the park, because I must admit to doing somethign I swore I'd NEVER do - little teaser there) Jake was home with us - we went to Gymboree, and then to our local's farmers market. Then we took the babes to eat at Moe's for lunch, then we played outside! Later that night was date night for Jake and I. We went and saw Moneyball (which was fantastic by the way) and hung out at Coll Spring's newest hotspot: Drake's, which honestly made me feel quite old. Sigh.... Good day though!

Add caption

Jules giving hugs to Josh

Future's so bright....

Hmmm, we have lost our socks and shoes already. And doesn't his pose look familiar?

On Me: Top is Cabi and Scarf and Jeans are Gap. My shoes are Jimmy Choos (ok, nto really, but you can't see them anyway so I'll pretend)

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Y3W: Flashback Friday - FALL!!

Oh, how I absolutely love this season. I love the changing of the leaves, the beautiful warm colors, and of course their is the start of football season as well. There is also moi: I am a brown-eyed brunette, so warmer colors tend to look best on me as opposed to all those bright colors of spring and summer. And BOOTS - oh how I can't wait to get out my boots. Which, reminds me - I must get those two new pairs of jeans I bought over the summer to the alterations - stat! (I am 5'1", sigh - I typically have to get everything altered).

Fall was also when I was mostly pregnant. I found out in May that I was expecting these sweet babes, and I had them in January. So, the fall was mostly when I big self was sporting some pretty dapper maternity clothes (not really, because to be honest, being 5'1" doesn't really help, and carrying twins and having to wear small in most things doesn't really bode well for carrying an extra babe in there)

So, since this is Flashback Friday post and a fall post, I thought I would post some preggo photos from the fall (honestly, there isn't much of them - I didn't take a huge amount of pictures of myself while pregnant, unfortunately):

Loved this dress. Bought it at Mimi Maternity, a boutique in Nashville. Its gray with a black leather belt. Although it got really sucky when I developed Puppps and itched like crazy. Add a sweater dress to the mix and it was misery.

This dress was actually a skirt I bought at Target. it just so happened to be a fab idea for a dress. It was really cute on. I also wore it for this belly shot. And I am sporting heels in this pic - so yay me.

This dress was from Old Navy - also non-maternity (boots from Macys). I thought I could just keep the dress and wear it again after I was no longer pregnant. But, let's be honest. I would never wear anything again I wore while pregnant,  because then I would just feel fat.

Top from Old Navy (non-maternity) The tank underneath is maternity, and the jeans I am wearing were my UBER expensive True Religion maternity jeans. Worth it though. Coat is from Banana Republic and didn't have a chance at covering up the belly.

Loved this dress (also non-maternity) . Its a Max Studio dress I got at TJ Maxx. SUPER comfortable. I wore it all the time.

My last belly pic. Skirt is from New York and Co, (non maternity). Sweater is from Ann Taylor (non-maternity) and cardigan is from Mimi Maternity (maternity, natch)

From my maternity shoot - these are actually non-maternity jeans, b/c I liked the look of this photo of my belly. I was beyond impressed that my thighs fit in them.

This top is also from Target , and the jeans were my super fun True Religion ones.
This dress for my sister's wedding was a VERY last minute purchase at JC Penny after my stupid seamstress messed up my dress. (also non-maternity)

Okay, so it turns out that I didn't wear too much in maternity in my tops, which was great because that was kind of the style back then. It's so fun to look back on these, and kind of sad too :( My babes were in that belly! Isn't it such a miracle?

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