Thursday, September 8, 2011

18-19 Months - Update on the Babes

Eeep! since work started back full-force for me, I seem to have neglected my duties as Super Blogger mommy Extraordinaire. So, in a mess of apologies, I will have to make this one a 18-19m update. (and by the way, how did this go by so fast??

19 Months old!!

Feedings: They are doing MUCH better at feeding themselves. They are even using a fork sometimes! Hallelujah! Its funny, because maybe its just me, but I am thinking they won't use utensils every time. So, they may only use them once per day, because with the other foods, its much easier for them to eat by hand. Is it just me?? We are by far and away in a foot rut. And I am so very sick of it. However, one of my favorite new things is Pinterest. And so now I am included a whole new category of Toddler Food, so hopefully that will give me some ideas. Jame and I also decided this week that we were going to maybe try keeping them up a half hour later as we are getting into fall/winter, so that means our dinners will all be together as a family, which is good. So, dinner time they will I suppose eat what we eat, which they haven't done much of before. I'll let you know how that goes at our next update. I am still adding two scoops of toddler formula to their morning milk, and thats been going great!
Sleep: Doing great here. Still sleeping though the night. They wake up on the occasional night though with what I can only think are nightmares. Do yours do this? What could they be dreaming of that is so scary? I got Josh up last night about 12:30am, and the poor thing was shaking. Bless his heart. They take a 2hr nap on average. Sometimes less, sometimes more.
Our Schedule:

7:15- wake/feed 8oz each whole milk for Josh and Jules then cereal with fruit or waffle with cream cheese spread or eggs and toast with fruit

10:30 - some milk, if we are out, then its water. We have tried juice, but they really don't care for it too much yet.
11:00 - Lunch is either a pasta, ( I have found Annie's Organic boxed pasta and they love it! You can sneak in some veggies here too) beans, rice, usually avocado. I try to have a little bit of the biggies: whole grain, fruit, veggie, protein. We also are fans of Yummy brand chicken nuggets (Canadian product so gov't mandates hormone free and natural - way cheaper than organic. Harris Teeter sells it) and fish

11:30-12 - Nap

3:00 - feed 6-7oz for each + "dinner" This is either some of a pasta I have in the fridge, or toast with hummus and fruit. There also might be cut up tofu, cut up string cheese, chicken, cut up veggies, beans, or rice. I try to keep some easy things in the fridge to grab.

5:00 - sometimes a snack. I usually forget. I try to do water or milk and something light. We have been doing smoothies sometimes, and they like them. Its just getting them to sit still while drinking it.

6:30/6:45 - I still feed another meal here.

7:00-7:30 - baths, story/bedtime
Outing/Events: They still love our weekly date to Gymboree. Love running around! They love going to the playgrounds around town. They love going to the pool. They stay in the baby pool for a while, then want to get in the big pool. We have been to the zoo a couple of times, but not much. Since I went back to work, I miss my outings with them :(
Structured Playtime: This has gotten better. We do alot more structured time, and less free play, but there is still a good amount of free play. But, now we also do music time, reading time, learning time, etc. We started back with independent play, thank goodness, and its making a huge difference I think.
Diet: Back to dieting and exercising! And it feels good! And I have to now that I am drinking beer and eating food like Boss Hogg on gameday tailgates :)
Stats: They babies are in 18m clothes, although Josh can wear quite a few 2T things. They are both in size 5 shoes now.  They are both in size 4 diapers, but could probably migrate to 5's any day.
Milestones: They are still loving to talk and make sounds and noises. Animal sounds are a big deal in our house now. They can do a Dog, (ooo, ooo), Duck (duck, duck), Lion/Bear (aaahhhhh), Pig (this one is just funny - they try to snort), Snake (ssss), Cow, (ooooo, not to be confused with oooo oooo for dogs). Words they say (or their version, natch): Mama, Dada, Papa, Mimi, Pa, Wa-wa (water), Baaaa (bottle), JJ, Duck, Hi, Bye Bye, Baby, Ball, Barney, Book, (actually everything that starts with B, sounds like Ball, but THEY think they are saying the word) Night-night, Nana (what they call Sherry, our Nanny). They (Jules more) and really into those wood puzzles. They really enjoy them. They still love books, and still destroy them on a daily basis.  They can follow along to songs, and know "movements" like up, down, twist, boogy, side-to-side. They can also do "their own" movements to Itsy Bitsy Spider, If You're Happy and You Know It, Wheels on the Bus, Patty Cake, etc. They love to clap, to sing, to laugh. They belly laugh and its the most beautiful souns. They love to give tickles. They "sing" Ro, Ro, Ro". It took a while to learn they were trying to sing "Row, row row, your boat". Its the only thing they sing, and its clearly their favorite song to sing, lol. LOVE these babies!!!!!

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  1. Oh that dress on your baby girl is killing me! So beautiful. Its very exciting and sad at the same time to see them grow so fast isn't it?

  2. Your kids are so cute! And I'm happy to see that bird toy is still interesting at 19 months..ha! My 4 month old can barely be bothered with it right now... :-)

  3. They are so precious! What fun y'all must have!!!