Friday, September 2, 2011

18 Month Photos

Ahhhhh, there is just something about getting professional pictures taken that makes me is a fun dreamy state. They honestly take my breath away. As you know, I have been looking forward to getting their 18m photos done since, well, I got their 12 Month photos taken. I am absolutely in love with them. We ended up doing two different shoots, kind of on a whim. The lovely and talented Katie DeSousa and Sara Tyler teamed up (which was awesome when you have twins, by the way - they each took off after a twin) for our outdoor shoot, taken at Harlinsdale Farm in Franklin, TN right across from The Factory. The indoor shots with the balloons were kind of a second thought. Katie has been wanting to transform her living room into a balloon wonderland to take pictures of her 3 year old twin boys, and asked if I wanted to bring mine over too - Um, SURE!! So, its ended up being a two part shoot, which was absolutely fabulous. I loved getting to use all outfits, and do different locations - inside/outside. I can't thank them enough for such a great job.

Oufits: As you know, I have been having a really hard time making decisions on this, however, I am quite pleased with them!

On Jules:

Matilda Jane dress
Romper bought off of Etsy

Tutu bought off of Ebay
Petti Top bought off of Etsy

On Josh:

Top: Janie and Jack, Shorts: Crazy 8
Shirt and Shorts: Gap

Top, Janie and Jack, Pants: Old Navy

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  1. Such fantastic pictures! Love their outfits, the settings, everything =)

  2. Pics turned out GREAT! Love Matilda Jane...I hope to have a daughter one day just so I can buy something from there. :)