Sunday, September 11, 2011

Always Remember...Never Forget

It chills me to the bone when I think of 9-11. And it all the more eerie to this is has been 10 years. Where was I?

I had recently moved to Nashville (1-2001) to live with my boyfriend (Jake, of course). I worked as a recruiter for Appleone Employment at the time. I worked with a group of about 6 or 7 women. We were all at work when we got a call from a girl that was running late that a plane kamikazed into the World Trade Center. My first thoughts were some crazy plane malfunction that was crashing. Then she got to work and we all turned out our non-cable 13 inch tube TV in the back, and pandemonium ensued. It wasn't until I called my mom to talk to her that she was in a absolute panic, telling me that she FINALLY got hold of my sister and she was ok. It was at that moment I lost it, because I just remembered that she was up in Manhattan for a buyer's trip (she worked as a buyer). Thanking God she was ok, it took her almost a week to make it back home.  It turned into days and days on constant TV watching, praying and crying.

What is crazy to me is kids that are 8, 9 years old are now reading this in history books, and look at it like the JFK event that I read about. I didn't live it, so how could I possibly understand? My parents remember the exact spot where they were during that time, and I just could have never related. I will never, ever forget 9-11. God Bless the NYFD, the NYPD, the families,  and all those precious lives and that were lost on that day. I will always remember, and never forget.

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