Friday, September 2, 2011

Flashback Friday - Football!!!

It is officially that time of year again, and I could not be more excited. Yes, I get that most of you in the states aren't nearly as excited as I am. But, being a southern girl, raised in the south, who graduated from an SEC school - it could only mean one thing:

It's Football Time in Tennessee!!

Yup - its college football time. This weekend kicks off our first home game against Montana. We are going up today for the weekend and for the first game. (I am in Nashville, and UT is in Knoxville, about 3hrs away). the only good thing about the summer coming to an end means that fall is right around the corner. And with fall, comes football. I am excited to start this season's Steppin' Out Saturdays, because they more than likely will include a tailgate party of some sort. So, you readers will get a little glimpse into what life is like down here :) The babes will probably not make it to a tailgate again this year, but that does not mean they won't be sporting their orange attire, trust.

Okay, so now because its Flashback Friday, I though I would show a couple of old pictures regarding my love for all things College and Football :)

This picture was taken the day of my 21st birthday (ahem, a few, ahem, years ago). For those who aren't familiar, this is called The Rock. My sister got up super early and surprised my by painting A Happy Birthday message on it, and thats me standing in front of it.

"The Rock" is famous on UT's campus. Its more than 40 years old, and sits right in the heart of campus. It is known for painting various messages on it. The university used to sandblast it every day and remove the paint, but they eventually gave up and now its just an open forum for students. Its been home to numerous marriage proposals, but one of the more famous messages (of course, aside from my birthday message)  was in 2008-09. We (UT) had beat Florida at home, which was iconic, and Florida's coach Steve Spurrier's phone number got painted on the rock. After so many phone calls, it got painted over pretty quickly. And, of course who could forget the VERY awful messages painted on there to our one-year wonder, Lane Kiffin.

The second picture is of me and my dream guy, Peyton Manning, (obviously before Jake). He know is a superstar quarterback from the Colts, but back when, he was our quarterback at the University of TN. He had come back to town after getting drafted and was signing autographs at Jered Jewelry Store. I made my VERY pregnant friend (Thanks Larissa - sorry, lol) come with me and we stood in line for well over an hour so I could get his autograph and my picture made with him. I remember fixing myself up really, really nice. Because I am so sure he would take one look at me and what to whisk me away to the world of pro football wives. Sigh....didn't happen. However, we now both have twins, so maybe we can spark up some conversation whenever we meet again.

And, here are me and the babes, taken this morning. And yes, we are sporting our orange. Its very important that you wear your team's colors to work on Friday to show your support, and THEN you wear aother cute tailgate outfits on gameday. Do you know how hard it in to find cute clothes in orange? Trust me, its hard. I have been collecting for years, though :)

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  2. Yet something else we have in common! Love of football and orange! :) I'm an Okla St Fan though.

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  4. Mandy- Alumni Hall here in K-town has a ton of super cute UT girly stuff right now! There's one in West Town by Dillard's and in Turkey Creek too. =)

  5. Coming from Pittsburgh, I know EXACTLY what you mean. College & NFL are like different worlds, but a crazy football town is the same. It's the only place I know where black & yellow doesn't make your a bumblebee.

  6. I love that you did a Flashback post! The picture of you and Peyton is great! And how precious do your babies look in their game day gear?! Thank you for linking up! I am so excited to have discovered your blog!