Sunday, September 25, 2011

Steppin Out Saturday - pretty fall day!

Saturday was fun around here! UT was not playing this week, so we just had a fun-filled day of outside time. (There will be a whole other post about going to the park, because I must admit to doing somethign I swore I'd NEVER do - little teaser there) Jake was home with us - we went to Gymboree, and then to our local's farmers market. Then we took the babes to eat at Moe's for lunch, then we played outside! Later that night was date night for Jake and I. We went and saw Moneyball (which was fantastic by the way) and hung out at Coll Spring's newest hotspot: Drake's, which honestly made me feel quite old. Sigh.... Good day though!

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Jules giving hugs to Josh

Future's so bright....

Hmmm, we have lost our socks and shoes already. And doesn't his pose look familiar?

On Me: Top is Cabi and Scarf and Jeans are Gap. My shoes are Jimmy Choos (ok, nto really, but you can't see them anyway so I'll pretend)

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  1. Great pictures! Can't get over the adorable curls. And love the Jimmy Choo day! :)