Sunday, September 11, 2011

Steppin' Out Saturday - Tennessee Game Numero Dos

Another fun weekend of UT tailgating an a Tennessee win? Yes please!! This weekend we faced off against the Cincinnati Bearcats, and came off victorious, which was pure awesomeness. Also fun was that my sister Leslie came in town from Dallas for the weekend (and it also happened to be my birthday weekend, natch). Friday night was super fun as we had some cocktails at Chesapeake's in Downtown Nashville. then Jake took me out for a birthday dinner at Fleming's (muy bueno). The next day was football tailgating fun, followed by a yummy dinner on Market Square in Knoxville with all the Prater Girls....and Jake. Poor Jake, lol its hard to be around my and my sisters and my mom...While the weekend had its high points, it had its low points as well. We left the babes this weekend at my sweet in-laws. Although a super high point for them (they had an absolute blast) I, of course missed them to pieces! We dropped them off on Friday (again, already sporting our orange, which we do here on Fridays as I mentioned in last week's post)

Me and the babes at the "drop-off"

Josh posing with Vicki and JV as they said goodbye

But not before playing in the back of the SUV! (don't worry - thats not how they rode, lol)

My sister Ginny (the anti-orange), Mom, my sister Leslie, and Moi

Us again!

Moi, Steppin' Out

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Saturdays in the South with UGA Bama Belle


  1. Aww man you guys look like the funnest bunch!! I love these pictures and you look beautiful!

  2. Love it! MGD 64 TOO funny! Love the pics! and Love the ORANGE! :)

  3. Ah, I love that dress and necklace! So cheery!

  4. Although I'm supposed to hate orange, you look fabulous! I love that dress!