Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Weekly Photo Project 16 - All About Jules


Sweet Jules,

You are just a bundle of personality. You have been since birth. here leately, though, your expressions are cracking me up. You are a super smart little girl who is a bundle of opinions, giggles, jealously, and spunk. On the flip side, you are very dainty and so careful with things like turning books pages and petting Gus. What makes it so funny, too, is that you look and act exactly like me, which is a little strange honestly. But, its just also a miracle to see how I created something that is so much like me. With big beautiful eyes and huge curls, you are truely a beautiful little girl. You are such a funny little girl, too.  You want to be just like mommy and now want to play dress up, use mommy's cup, eat mommy's foood, wear mommy's shoes, etc. You fully believe that you are a little adult in a toddler body. Your curls are finally coming in. I think I have been waiting and waiting and waiting on your hair to grow, and now its here, in a curly mop on your sweet little head.  And it's precious :)


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  1. Oh my goodness, that 3rd picture melts my heart =)