Thursday, September 29, 2011

What I swore I would NEVER do (and did)

So here it is. A Mommy confession, if you will. I did something I told myself I would never, ever EVER do in a gazillion years. I think it is truly awful. I bought kid leashes. GASP!!! I know, I know. Its just shameful. I have my reasons, though. Right now they run 90 miles an hour in opposite directions. And I have a nanny who is with them during the day Monday-Friday. And she takes them on outings during the week. Its not that I don't "trust her", per se, its just I am not there, and I know how hard it is to hold their hands and I am terrified one might get away from her and dart into traffic, or some other something on your imagination that is the unthinkable. And I know, sometimes strollers, are just not conducive in every situation. So, I made the decision for HER to use them (ha!). I still haven't been able to bring myself to take the leashes out in public with them. The looks I would get, the judgement, bad mothering, treating them like dogs, etc, etc.

 But, I have to admit. The babies LOVE them.  And when I say they love them, THEY LOVE THEM. The love that they have freedom. They love that they can walk all by themselves. And of course, they LOVE Elmo ('Momo'). I cannot say I would have ever done this had I just one single child. But, I don't. I have twins. Its a completely different ballgame. And let's go ahead and acknowledge the fact that its a chore just to get them in and out of their carseats and into Gymboree or the grocery store which is 15 steps away. And in those 15 steps, although I have my hand securely wrapped in theirs, it only takes a split second for something to happen. So, because I obviously cannot be there with them and their nanny during the day, this creates some peace of mind on my part, and it relaxes me to know that (ahem) they are on leases, lol. What do you think? Is this terrible of me, or did you use them?

That being said, we decided to try them out and "walk them" down to our subdivision's park on Saturday when Jake's parents came up. I mean, just look at the picture - they seriously love them! Will I ever use them in public, um, doubtful. I will forever use the stroller before these. (sorry, but I just can't - not yet. I am getting a little more used to them, though)

Papa, Jake and Jules. See? She loves it!

Vicki and Josh (ok, I must admit, it really looks like she is walking a dog)

Have you ever seen a more precious face in all your life?

Giving 'Momo' hugs. Seriously, I could die from cuteness

"Everyone - man your stations!". Everyone is in place at their station: Vicki on the steps, Jake up top on the slide, and JV down to catch them. See, having twins is much harder :)

Joshie going down the slide!

Jules and Elmo

Jules going down. She only did this about 2,302 times.

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  1. I've made the same vow on the leashes, but I had a feeling that if I had twins I would have made the same decision.

  2. Well, I also have twins and have not bought any leashes. I don't plan to, but I do feel your pain about running in different directions and YES it is just harder with twins! I can say that there are a lot of times we just don't do something because the stroller won't fit or we have the kids with us...blah.. blah..blah! I say KUDOS to you for making a decision so that your babies can have a little fun!

  3. Nothing wrong with kid leashes. My twins are still tiny, but when they start running in different directions, i'm not promising I won't do the same thing!

    I found your blog from Project Nursery... love the French theme! I voted 5 stars! I submitted our nursery too a couple days ago! It doesn't look like a twin nursery though, we only have room for one crib, so they share until further notice!!

    And here's a link to OUR blog!
    Sawdust and Embryos

  4. Thanks! Its still very hard to get used to, and I can't say if I will ever be brave enough to take them to teh zoo or somethign using them (too many moms there to judge, lol!)

    hey Bethany! I actually have already voited on your awesome nursery! Its fantastic! Coming to read your blog now!

  5. Mandy, my kids are only 11 mo apart & I too made that same vow. Although I did break down and buy one for travel in case my oldest decided to dart off since I was traveling alone with 2 little ones. Where on earth did you find the Elmo ones?! I'm going to get him one because he LOVES Elmo so much

    Don't worry, no judgement here! Besides, they're totally cute!

  6. Sheesh, you'd hate me! I don't see ANYTHING wrong with it! It gives them freedom, yet let's you have control over it. I can't imagine how you lasted so long with two toddlers and no leash! An online girlfriend has triplets our kid's age and swears by them.

    Here's my post mentioning our first leash experience:

  7. I was on a leash when I was a kid (my mom had 4 kids in 4.5 years), and I turned out fine! I think your kids look adorable with their little Elmos!!!

  8. Safety first! I love that you bought them. Who cares about the judgement out there. I bought the monkey leash for my son when he was 12 months old and we went to Hawaii. My son was a walker at 7 months and running at 10. I felt like the monkey leash would be perfect for the airports and it was. He loved his monkey (which also was a little backpack). My daughter came along shortly after, and I used it twice before I came to terms with the fact that it wasn't going to work for her. She loved the monkey backpack but was having no part in the leash. She would just sit down until I took it off. Little sillies.