Friday, September 23, 2011

Y3W: Flashback Friday - FALL!!

Oh, how I absolutely love this season. I love the changing of the leaves, the beautiful warm colors, and of course their is the start of football season as well. There is also moi: I am a brown-eyed brunette, so warmer colors tend to look best on me as opposed to all those bright colors of spring and summer. And BOOTS - oh how I can't wait to get out my boots. Which, reminds me - I must get those two new pairs of jeans I bought over the summer to the alterations - stat! (I am 5'1", sigh - I typically have to get everything altered).

Fall was also when I was mostly pregnant. I found out in May that I was expecting these sweet babes, and I had them in January. So, the fall was mostly when I big self was sporting some pretty dapper maternity clothes (not really, because to be honest, being 5'1" doesn't really help, and carrying twins and having to wear small in most things doesn't really bode well for carrying an extra babe in there)

So, since this is Flashback Friday post and a fall post, I thought I would post some preggo photos from the fall (honestly, there isn't much of them - I didn't take a huge amount of pictures of myself while pregnant, unfortunately):

Loved this dress. Bought it at Mimi Maternity, a boutique in Nashville. Its gray with a black leather belt. Although it got really sucky when I developed Puppps and itched like crazy. Add a sweater dress to the mix and it was misery.

This dress was actually a skirt I bought at Target. it just so happened to be a fab idea for a dress. It was really cute on. I also wore it for this belly shot. And I am sporting heels in this pic - so yay me.

This dress was from Old Navy - also non-maternity (boots from Macys). I thought I could just keep the dress and wear it again after I was no longer pregnant. But, let's be honest. I would never wear anything again I wore while pregnant,  because then I would just feel fat.

Top from Old Navy (non-maternity) The tank underneath is maternity, and the jeans I am wearing were my UBER expensive True Religion maternity jeans. Worth it though. Coat is from Banana Republic and didn't have a chance at covering up the belly.

Loved this dress (also non-maternity) . Its a Max Studio dress I got at TJ Maxx. SUPER comfortable. I wore it all the time.

My last belly pic. Skirt is from New York and Co, (non maternity). Sweater is from Ann Taylor (non-maternity) and cardigan is from Mimi Maternity (maternity, natch)

From my maternity shoot - these are actually non-maternity jeans, b/c I liked the look of this photo of my belly. I was beyond impressed that my thighs fit in them.

This top is also from Target , and the jeans were my super fun True Religion ones.
This dress for my sister's wedding was a VERY last minute purchase at JC Penny after my stupid seamstress messed up my dress. (also non-maternity)

Okay, so it turns out that I didn't wear too much in maternity in my tops, which was great because that was kind of the style back then. It's so fun to look back on these, and kind of sad too :( My babes were in that belly! Isn't it such a miracle?

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  1. I want that Cream Old Navy dress and those boots, girl.

  2. You look fabulous! I think we never want to wear those maternity clothes again probably because we are sick of the sight of them after 9 months! I didn't buy too many items, just rotated a few, and I never want to see them again!