Wednesday, October 12, 2011

20 Months - Update on the Babes!!!

Seriously, how did my babies turn 20 months old and that month fly by at lightening speed? I wish I could bottle the time and keep it forever and ever. And while we're on the bottling topic, if I can figure out to to bottle some of their energy right now, I might could become an overnight millionaire. They are just everywhere right now! Running faster than you can imagine, in different directions. But, oh my, are they fun! This is such a wonderful age!!

20 Months old!!
Feedings: They are semi-pros at feeding themselves with spoons and forks. Alot of the time, though they like to work double time and use their hands AND forks, spoons, and I can't blame them. If I'm hungry, I want to do the same thing. We still seem to be a food rut, but in talking to other parents of kids their age, I can't complain. Yes, we waste a lot of food, but I do try to put a variety of things on their plate, and 9 times out of 10, they only eat one thing. Sometimes they only want goldfish or cheerios, but I'm trying.

Sleep: Doing super here again! Its actually been nice, because the mornings are dark now. Not too great for Mommy and Daddy trying to wake up, but good for babies. The best is listening to them on the monitor in the mornings. All you here are giggles and "uh oh"s (our favorite) as they are throwing all their stuffed toys and lovies in the floor.

Our Schedule:

7:15- wake up then a sippy cup of milk mixed with two scoops of formula. (my sneaky way of sneaking in some vitamins). They drink it and read books while we get dressed.

8:00 - cereal with fruit or waffle with cream cheese spread or eggs and toast with fruit

10:00 - snack. either juice or milk with some fruit or a cereal bar (with no high fructose corn syrup, natch)
11:00 - Lunch is either a pasta, ( I have found Annie's Organic boxed pasta and they love it! You can sneak in some veggies here too) beans, rice, usually avocado. I try to have a little bit of the biggies: whole grain, fruit, veggie, protein. We also are fans of Yummy brand chicken nuggets (Canadian product so gov't mandates hormone free and natural - way cheaper than organic. Harris Teeter sells it) and fish

11:30-12 - Nap

3:00 - feed 6-7oz for each + "dinner" This is either some of a pasta I have in the fridge, or toast with hummus and fruit. There also might be cut up tofu, cut up string cheese, chicken, cut up veggies, beans, or rice. I try to keep some easy things in the fridge to grab.

5:00 - we are doing a snack here  - they haven't been eating well at the 3:30 time and they have been hungry here.

6:30/6:45 - I still feed another meal here.

7:00-7:30 - baths, story/bedtime
Activities: Let's see! We still do storytime at the library and we love our Gymboree Class (am thinking of switching them to My Gym though when they offer a Saturday class for their age range). We have also started a Mommy and Me (sigh, although "Nanny and Me") class on Wednesdays. I found a local church here that does it and its great! And so much cheaper than doing KinderMusik or Music Together. So far, they have LOVED this, Jules is completely the teacher's pet.
Structured Playtime: This is much better. We are back to doing independent playtime for each of them, which is so great. When one is in IP, the other gets one-on-one time with me or the Nanny, which is nice! During this time we are coloring or learning or playing with playdoh. Its great and easy, b/c they aren't used to one-on-one time, and they love it.
Diet: Back to dieting and exercising! And it feels good! And I have to now that I am drinking beer and eating food like Boss Hogg on gameday tailgates :)

Stats: Jules is still is some 18m clothes, although she can wear quite a few 24m stuff. Josh is almost all in 24m or 2T stuff. The problem with both is that they are still small, so the waists of things are huge on them in pants.  They are still in size 5 shoes, although closer to 6 every day.  They are both in size 4 diapers, but could probably migrate to 5's any day. And yes, I know I should be doing some potty training, and we have a toy potty for them and they love sitting on it, but still not ready yet.
Milestones: They are talking so much! (well, trying to anyway). They are bid right now on repeating what you say. We are working now to making phrases and sentences. Jules has done a few, like "Hi Mama", etc. She's the bigger talker now, which is crazy b/c it wasn't like that starting out. They can mimic sounds of most animals and like I said, are starting to call things by a name, or something like it. They are LOVING ABC's right now, and love learning and saying the letters. They can say most letters, but have a hard time with H, J, L, M, N, etc. Every thing that has a E sound they are good with :) They know most colors and shapes well. Their hair is growing so fast now! Still haven't had to get a haircut yet, though. Their hair is also very different textures. Jules' is much more coarse and has big curls all over her head like a mop. Josh's is much more fine and straight and just curls a bit on the bottom. They love all animals, and love our cats and love dogs! They are like little sponges now! Its so exciting and fascinating to watch. And they actually understand most of what I tell them, which is just amazing when you think about it. I know I say this every month, but this age is so great right now!

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  1. If the babies were born Jan. 8th aren't they 21 months old? You may just be like me and stay behind :)

  2. LOL! Usually I do it at the end of their 'month' to kind of reflect back on that month. It should have been posted last week. Oops :)

  3. I loved seeing the schedule! It seems like I have forgotten so much since Evie was born and now have no clue what to do with Henry. Are you going to the music class at BBC? Hope to see you next week at the Newcomer's Brunch!

  4. @The Niemeyer Nest

    Yes! They are going on Wednesdays at BBC and love it. I was so excited to find it, and it seems to be very similar, which is great (and so much cheaper!). I have been doing monthly (every two weeks when they were babies) updates on the blog since they were 6 weeks old. I love looking back on it :) I am hoping to make it to the brunch!

  5. I know I say it every month but I love to read your updates. They just keep getting cuter every day =)

  6. OMG! THey are so cute!
    following you from Friendly Friday!

  7. I am so glad you are coming to the brunch. Evie and I are going to do that class next session if I remember to sign up! Evie and your twins are almost a year apart exactly so you can check out what's coming and I can check out your baby posts for Henry!