Sunday, October 23, 2011

DIY - Mod Podge Pumpkins and Painted Pumpkins

This is another little DIY project I did over the weekend. Pinterest has completely taken over my mind, body and soul, and I feel compelled to try out everything I see on there. All you all the same?

So, this weekend I decided to try my hand at do-it-yourself Halloween pumpkins. I made a couple of Mod Podge pumpkins, and then painted pumpkins as well. I didn't take pictures throughout the process, because honestly they were so easy and self explanatory. But, they are SO VERY CUTE!!

For these pumpkins:

The BOO! pumpkin I spray painted black. Then, I printed out the BOO letters using a fun Halloween font onto regular old copy paper, then cut out the letters and "Mod Podged" them onto the pumpkin. Then I decided on add polka dots, which are actually just little circle label stickers.

The black and white pumpkin in completely Mod Podged using scrapbook paper. I cut it into strips and then glued them all around it.

The bat pumpkin was super easy too. I printed out black bats on regular copy paper, cut them out, and using Mod Podge, glued them onto the pumpkin.

For these:

The white pumpkin I found like that -  I loved it! No paining here! Then, I printed out The Striblings on my computer in a fun Halloween font, and using Mod Podge, glued them onto the pumpkin.

The haunted house one I have had for years. It is a carvable pumpkin I got a fee years ago at Michaels.

Now, if I was smart, I would have made re-usable pumpkins for all of these, but oh well. Plus, its more fun to use real ones, no?

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  1. It all looks great, Pinterest has inspired me big time too!

  2. These are so fun! And I love Pinterest - woah, it's amazing.