Thursday, October 13, 2011

Flashback Friday - We'll Always Have Paris

This week's Flashback Friday post is all about my trip one year ago to Paris. Although I posted a little bit about it back then, I never shared any details of my trip or the beautiful pictures I took (a photographers dream). Here is my trip recap in a nutshell:

1. If you are a reader of my blog, you know how OBSESSED I am with all things French. Love the culture, love the atmosphere, love the fashion, love the food (and wine), and love the decor. I have never been overseas before, and by far and away if there as any city to make me get in a plane for 8 hours, it would be to go to this dream city.

2. It was eh. Oh how I wanted to love Paris more than anything. And while we had a few FABULOUS days, there was some major headaches as well. (Paris transportation strikes were going on - couldnt' get ANYWHERE, went to this ridiculous cabaret, I got food poisoning so couldn't eat for at least 24 hours, etc - we left there saying that Paris, France kicked our a$$). I would love to go back and just explore the city instead of doing all the tourist stuff. Our favorite day was strolling around Montmarte and just experiencing a Parisian city a bit on the outskirts of the tourism.

3. I was still breastfeeding. No joke. I carted my little Medela backpack all around the city. It actually worked out quite well, because I was able just to carry that, some incidentals, and throw my money and camera in the backpack. I would pump in the morning and evenings and keep that. During the day was pumping in restrooms and dumping it. Why didn't I just stop breastfeeding you ask? I have no idea, lol. The babies were only 10 months old and I was determined to go a year. And I did. And I missed my babies so bad you can't imagine!

4. There were things I wished we did instead of the things we did do. I didn't make it to the open air markets, which was one. there were sometimes we just wanted to buy some wine, cheese, and croissants and call it a day, but we didn't. I also just wanted to go into as many home decorating and furniture shops as I could, but didn't go to any. I did buy authentic created Parisian perfume, which was a goal of mine.

5. The food was just eh. Desserts were fab, of course. But while they are famous (or at least in American I learned) for their cheese, paninis, bread, etc. The actual "meals" there were not great. And let's just go ahead and say that I mistakenly ordered a cold duck liver salad my first night.

6. You don't have to speak the language, and as Americans we are selfish of that fact. I knew a bit of French before I went, but the majority of them spoke both French and English. And let me go a step further is saying they spoke more than two languages. Like 4 mostly. They said because you "country hop" so much over in Europe, that you grew up learning multiple languages, because most countries are a different language, which I thought was fabulous. I mean, we just know English. How selfish is that??

7. We also took a day trip to Venice, which was a beautiful tiny little area. but, this is when I had food poison, so you try to imagine paying $1.50 each time you needed to use the public toilets when you have food poisoning.

8. Versailles was fabulous. I didn't think I even wanted to "waste" a day and do this, but it was SO worth it. Just absolutely breathtaking and just awe-inspiring to know all of that happened hundreds of years ago. Very interesting to learn about it.

9. My new Nikon camera was only a month old, and I got it at the perfect time. As I said, Paris and Venice is a photographer's dream,and for sure caught the bug while over there. (the photography bug, not said stomach bug)

10. I would go back - probably NOT when they have transportation strikes going on. Literally, we counted it up and we wasted an entire day and a half (probably more) in train stations trying to get places. Flights were cancelled, etc. It was a nightmare. but, it was BEAUTIFUL. And like I said, it was my dream city, and I refuse to accept that trip as a depressing memory. So, I will vow to go back. I feel like it was the way I experienced New York the first time - we did all the tourist things. Now, NYC is my favorite city of all time, and we do NOTHING touristy when we go. So, I think Paris is like that.

*warning* Photo Dump ahead:

We rented a Parisian apartment during our stay. Loved it. The bathroom was teeny!

At Versailles

Still at Versailles, now at Petit Tresor, Marie Antoinette's home

I only took about 1,203 pictures of the Eiffel Tower, so you are lucky I'm not showing them all to you.

Us to top of the Tower. The people in front of us in line had the whitest shoes I have ever seen. Photo worthy, no?

Notre Dame and Champs Elysees

Night cruise along the Seine and the Arc de Triomphe

Parisian street,  lots of emply wine glasses, the famous windmill at Montmarte, and an American we met who lived there. We though he was super cool until he recommended us going to see the Au Lapin Agile cabaret. (Frommers does too) OMG (do not go- it is ridiculous)

Sacre Coeur, the Red Light District, and more Parisian streets
Moulin Rouge, natch

On top of the hill close to Sacre Coeur. LOVED this! Lots of local artists and cafes and restuarants. We had the most fun here, dranks loads of wine and had a blast. The waiter loved us.  

Leslie didn't make it out to the Lourve (see pics above) so Mom and I did it solo. There was a group of students taking an art class inside the Lourve. How cool is that? Mona Lisa is tiny and overrated.

The Seine River

Venice: TALL buildings and narrows paths: Not a good combo when you arrive to a deserted city at 1am (plus with said food poisoning). Also San Marco square.

Beautiful canals and gondoliers.
The famous Rialto Bridge in Venice

Back in Paris. At Le Deux Magots (famous writing spot of Ernest Hemingway). Also went to Père Lachaise Cemetery. Among those buried are Jim Morrison. People wrote all over the tree next to his grave. I think those people sitting next to his stone are smoking cigarettes, no?

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  1. I would love to go to Paris! I have only left Evie once since she was born besides when Henry was born. We have vowed not to do the same thing this time around. Our kids are fine without us but we sure miss them! I am so impressed that you took your pump. That is some dedication!

  2. Wow! That looks amazing! Food poisoning is the pits though :( That will ruin any trip!

  3. I went to Paris when I was 18 and LOVED the sight-seeing, etc. but HATED and I mean HATED the food. You want food....go to Italy! We went for our 5 yr anni and I want to pack up and move there. Florence especially. And I must say, GORGEOUS pictures!!

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  5. I love PARIS!! So jealous after seeing all these pictures.

  6. WOW! These photos are sooo beautiful, I'm super jealous;) It seems like you had a really wonderful time in Paris!

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    Sarah Kay

  7. My, my, I have serious trip envy!! Your pictures are beautiful (and so are your scrumptious babies!!).

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    I'm off to check out more of your posts!

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  10. I've never been to Paris or anywhere in Europe but that's gorgeous! I hope to see more of the world some day. :)

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  13. Great pics! Paris is a city that needs so much time to be explored. I agree with you on the food though, there are good things but not the entrees for the most part. Hope you get back there soon =)

  14. Wow these pictures look great. They make me want to go. I was thinking about getting a paris visite pass when I go to visit.