Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Event Number 1 - Trick-or-Treating

This is our second Halloween, and already, MUCH more fun than Halloween Number 1 last year. Halloween Number one consisted of 5 minutes of VERY fast picture taking in 90 degree heat ( big difference this year) in our neighbor's fall vignette they set up in their yard. After that, the kids were done, and that was that. Don't get me wrong, they were the cutest bears you ever did see, but it wasn't all that much fun.

We have had so much fun that we have three Halloween events picture-worthy this year. The first is this post. Then I will do two others as well! How fun is that???

On Friday, the local Moms Group that I belong to had an event where we took all the kids to a local retirement community and lets the kids go down each hall and trick-or treat. It was wonderful!! We were there about an hour, and to see the faces of these sweet older people just made my heart melt. The kids did AWESOME. Honestly, they got the hang of trick-or-treating immediately and ran with it. They have no idea what candy is, but by golly they know they must get as much of it as they can and put in in their orange pumpkin. That's the good part. You can't let Jules part with her pumpkin now, but all she wants to do it pull it out, name the colors of everything, and put it back in. Josh just wants to dump his out and run away.

Jules' costume turned out wonderfully. I just love it. Josh was super cute too, but he hated his ears, so those didn't last long. I just tend to love handmade outfits more, and so therefore, because my effort went into Jules', I'm a little more partial to it :) They were the aboslute cutest in their matching Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Halloween Costumes!! How cute are twins as Mickey and Minnie Mouse?

**I am an idiot yet again, BTW. I ended up accidentally deleting all these pictures from my memory card before I moved them to my October folder. So, I had to do a data recovery of the card and a lot of pictures were corrupted. I know I still have some good ones, but there were some other cute ones of them trick-or-treating, and lots more of Josh too. They are on my phone pics, so thats good***

Jules as Minnie Mouse in her DIY Tulle Dress. (Tutorial of the Minnie transformation coming soon!)

Sweet Josh as Mickey. (check out his candy stash already!) They both had their noses painted, but his was the only one still visible.

Sitting down counting their candy. Jules is already mad, probably candy-related.

All the kiddos! We had a Carmen Miranda, Cowboy, Star Wars. Thomas and Henry, Mr. Potato Head, Nemo, A Princess, Clifford, and Spiderman!

Note how Josh is now not sitting still running around with the kiddos while Jules is  fully aware there are still camera flashes going off.

Isn't she precious? LOVING this costume!!

Stay tuned for Party #2 pictures!!

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Videos from our first trick or treating experience:


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  3. okay , too adorable!!! And i absolutely love how jules costume came out!

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  12. These are the cutest little Minnie and Mickey ever, the costumes turned out great.