Friday, October 28, 2011

Our Favorite Things - 20/21 Months Old

These are our favorite things for 20-21 Months old! (I have completely slacked on these posts and am so sorry! Where has the time gone?)

Activites: Oh my, they are into everything lately. They love laughing. They love dancing. They love singing. They love playing chase and getting "scared". They love playing "beep, beep" when you beep their belly button. They LOVE LOVE being outside and can just run around forever. (and this is new, because they used to have to be constantly entertained). They love going to the playground and can slide so shorter that 2,307 times.  They love animals. They love our cat, Gus (we have another one, but she doesn't come near them lol). They love walking around the neighborhood and looking at all the dogs and occasional squirrel. They love just being active! And I love that they love to run around like little crazy people. They are also constantly climbing on things. Their favorite things to do in our living room: climb on the ottomans, climb in our leather recliner, and climb on our upholstered chair. Seriously. They also love going on outings. They love going  the zoo, and love going to indoor play places, like those that  have a bouncy house, or Gymboree. They love their weekly music class and storytime at the library!
At the zoo looking at the pink flamingos

At the playground!

Books: Their love for books is nothing short of amazing. They really, really love them. And I am proud to take credit for it. There is a collection of books in every room in our home. There is always easy access to a book. Their favorites still consist of Sesame Street and Pooh, but they also like Dr. Seuss and any other very colorful books with words and pictures. I bought a book called Boz Says at Goodwill, and they love it too because the whole book is "Boz says clap your hand, hop, etc" and they love going through the book and mimicking everything. We have recently began learning our ABC's and they are rock stars at this. So, any book that has large letters that they can point out is also #1 right now.
Reading with Daddy
Reading with Grampa

Foods: Foods are pretty much the same. They have been better at eating sandwiches. They like most pastas and anything creamy or cheesy, lol. Josh is really good at eating vegetables, while Jules is not so much, which is still ok, because I try to feed them high fat foods because they are still small, and I still obsess over it. They love avocados still. They have recently become obsessed with juice. I don't offer it very much, hardly ever, and if I do, its low sugar without the Satan Blood high fructose corn syrup (hehe, joking, but I do try to avoid it, lol). They don't like sweets much, and if I offer them any type of chocolate to get a taste, you would think I was offering them gasoline. So, I'm not 100% sure these are indeed my kids.
Songs: "If You're Happy and You Know It" has taken the Number 1 spot at our home in the past couple of months. And the cool thing is that you can sing "If You're Happy and You Know It" with ANYTHING!! You can do it with: going to sleep, sit in your chair, touch your head (or other body parts) eat your food, drink your milk, clap your hands, stomp your feet, do a dance, give mommy and hug (shameless). It is an awesome learning song, and also one to help them mind you! :) We also still love Wheels on the Bus and also the ABC song. We also march around the house in a little Mom and Kids parade to "The Ants Go Marching" just about every night. We also do our parade to "The Alphabet Parade" by Melanie Dill (they love this song too)

Arts and Crafts: They are now SUPER into coloring, and have done little arts and crafts projects, and they love them!

Wearing our new construction paper crowns!

Toys: They are now into a doll/stuffed animal phase and we take them with us wherever we go. Mickey and Minnie Mouse are Jules' favorites, with Minnie being attached to her at all times. Josh is abig fan of Pooh and Elmo and they both want to take everyone with us when we go on our afternoon wagon ride (and yes, almost daily a neighbor has to come to my door with something we have dropped along the way) They are still really into puzzles. Bubbles and balls are also still a favorite. We have a bit outgrown our riding toys, but they still love them. I think new ones on on our Christmas/Birthday list. Jules is really into "dressing up" and loves bracelets, fairy wings, necklaces, etc. Josh also loves them, but not like Jules does!

J.J. with Jules

A caravan

Hanging out with our pal Minnie
Hugging Pooh and Piglet

Shows: Yo Gabba Gabba is still up there as their favorite show. They also still love their toddler Baby Genius music videos.  They have also started watching a bit of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, which they like now that Mickey and Minnie are a new obsession. We have been watching Sesame Street some, its still a bit too much talking that they like. I have just quit turning Barney on. That solved that. Other than that, we don't watch a lot of TV. They do like music videos and like to watch people sing. They are still obsessed with The Band Perry, and Taylor Swift. They also really like Blake Shelton for some reason, which is weird.

Bath: Bathtime is still our favorite time of the day. They splash, they play, and say their letters and numbers and colors. They wash their hair, THEY brush their teeth (they won't allow you to do it anymore).

This is just the most fun age yet!!

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  1. So happy you found time to do this again! I love reading about what they like =) Where did you get the elmo in the baby sling???

  2. We love "If you're happy and you know it" in our household too. It's always tough to keep your kids busy. But I find that if I do keep them busy with books and activities they have better behavior because they're not bored!

  3. They are darling! Looks like you are doing great with the two of them. Way to go! Visiting from Kidding Around!

  4. What cutie kiddos you have! Thanks for linking up with me. It's nice to meet you!

  5. Ah, they are so sweet! My little guy is two and will not allow my to help brush his teeth. Also, I so do love watching both of my kids get so involved with colouring. It is amazing to just sit back and watch their concentration.

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