Sunday, October 23, 2011

Steppin' Out Saturday - Pumpkin Patch

This Saturday we stayed in town, because our Tennessee Vols were playing away against Alabama (don't even get me started on that game).

So, our Saturday morning left us with loads of family time, which was super fun! We started off the day with our normal Gymboree class, then headed to our very first pumpkin patch, which we then proceeded to pick out this year's pumpkins for my little project. Middle TN has many, many fantastic pumpkin patches. While we didn't go to one of the more famous ones (Walden Farm, Gentry's Farm) we went to a small local one, called The Cooper Trooper Foundation Pumpkin Patch located in Cool Springs.

The kiddos had a blast, and one (Jules) was NOT ready to leave at all, and threw a mini-fit. Then we cam home, had lunch and the babes ran around outside for as long as they could. I forgot to take a picture of me this weekend, so this post is just of the kiddos, which I guess is ok, because they weren't in any pictures last weekend, so fair is fair.

 Jake and I did get to go out and watch the game, thanks to our in-laws, although I wished I had just stayed home (boo on the Vols)

This isn't our wagon, but they let us borrow one to pick out our pumpkins. Then they had a little spot where you coudl take pictures. Josh did. He has found two pumpkins that he loved, lol. Jules would rather have climbed into a mess of small pumkins and knock over two mums on their pretty picture display (hence, she didn't make the photo)

Going through the little toddler hay maze. Yes, I use toddler leashes, and this is the first "real" time I have used them in public. You can read about my reasoning here.
They LOVED THIS. It was a whole big trough filled with corn for teh kiddos to play in. There were cups and shovels in it as well. Jules "might" have thrown a fit when we needed to leave. There were also face painting stations and "decorate your pumpkin" stations for teh kids.

While Josh preferred holding his bucket WAY high up in the air and throwing his corn everywhere, Jules preferred putting her corn into the cup a little at a time very carefully, then puring it out, then starting all over again. She might have done this about 446 times.

On Josh: // Tshirt: Tennessee Store// Sweater: Gap (love this!!) // Jeans: Gap // Shoes: Kenneth Cole // Contraption in his mouth: Bubble Wand

On Jules: // Her usual Saturday UT cheerleading outfit of course! // Shoes: Keds

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  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun. Our pumpkin picking experience wasn't quite the same. I wrote a post on my blog about it last week. Your children are adorable. I love their Elmo baby carriers. I'll be sure to vote for your blog.

  2. So fun, love the cheerleading outfit!

  3. Very cute! Love it!

    Following you from the blog hop!

  4. Aww...your little ones are so cute! If I had 2 small ones (well...I do, but they're different ages...the youngest can still be contained!) I'd use the leashes too!

  5. Your twins are ADORABLE!! Following from the blog hop, follow back when you get the chance. And be sure to enter my giveaway going on now while you're there too!! :) Ashlee @ Capernaum Home