Sunday, October 30, 2011

Steppin Out Saturday - UT vs USC

Apologies again for no baby pictures on this week of Stepping Out Saturday. We decided kind of last minutes to make it a one day trip, so Saturday was nuts: getting everything together, driving, dropping off babies, then on to the game. The babes were dressed in their UT finest though, and looked super cute (and you will get lots of the CUTEST pictures from this weekend in another post - or two! I heart Halloween!!)

This weekend we lost (again) and I have decided it is much more fun to tailgate rather than partake in that football nonsense. And, we don't go back until The UT vs Vanderbilt game, which is around Thanksgiving, so you don't have to put up with more tailgate photos for a while. (I will be in NYC next Saturday, then Las Vegas the Saturday after that - no joke!)

And, lemme tell ya - It was FREEZING on Saturday. Sure, it got up to the 50's but it was a night game, and very, very cold.

The menu this week:

Chili in the crock pot with all the fixins' like a Petro (if you don't know what a Petro is, well, that sucks) Its Fritos, cheese, sour cream, jalapenos, green onions, tomatoes, lettuce. You can make it as you wish
Hooter's wings
Key Lime Dip w/ graham sticks
Cheese tray
Veggie tray
Fruit tray
Pork Tenderloin with Sister Schubert Rolls

This is why tailgating is so fun too. This is our view. Our tailgate spot it the top of a parking garage that overlooks the Tennessee River.

The gang! Katie has a cool blog about thrifting and fashion, go check her out.

Mi y Mi Madre

Like I said, ya'll, it was COLD. I hate the winter!!
On Moi: Sweater:Cabi//Jeggings (yes, yes I did): Target//Boots: Nicole//Coat: XOXO//Scarf: China Town in NYC//Headband: gifted//Sunglasses: borrowed

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