Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Video of Jules the Thief

I really hesitate to post any videos of my kids. Especially when I am the one filming them (and, let's be honest, I am 100% of the filmmakers in the family). I am hesitant because I hate, hate, hate myself on camera. And even worse is hearing myself on camera. I look back at myself in college: a broadcasting major, aspiring to be the next Katie Couric, working daily to rid herself of any trace of a southern accent. Who is this whiny, nasally, southern person speaking in this video? It most certainly is not me. No sir-ee. (I really don't sound that bad in person, promise!! Right??)

So, I ask you to ignore that nasal person and only focus on the hilariousness that is Josh and Jules. Jules is in a phase right now where she wants anything and everything that Josh has. While its super funny, it can also get super annoying. She wants his toys, his shoes, his blue cups, his blue plates, etc, etc. However, she is also very smart and really sneaky. So, here is a video that is just so very typical. And it just cracks me up. My spunky Jules, and my poor little Josh.

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  1. Hi there. Following from the mom hop. Love your blog. Such cute kids. Looking forward to reading more. Come check out my site at Have a great day!

  2. That is adorable! Lol. Found you on mom hop.
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  3. They are so cute! New follower from the Planet Weidknecht Weekend Hop. Thanks for hooking up!

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  7. Ha thats adorable!!! Poor Josh... he looks at the end like he wants more and Jules makes a fast exit with her bowl! I had to listen without sound but I can totally relate on your voice issues... i hate how i sound too!

  8. So cute! Thanks for linking up to Mom Blog Monday! I'm now following!

  9. You're silly, I love your accent =)

    Jules is so funny, once she's nabbed all his Cheerios she goes and sits out of reach and looks like, "what?". Too cute!

  10. You did a great job with the camera! I see you are Vols. Went there last year for a game - it was my first time in the stadium ... I was sooo impressed with the southern gentelmen on that campus :) Stopping in to say hi (already follow you) from the hop. Hope you can visit soon.

  11. Your kids are super cute! That poor Josh. I have a feeling that once he catches onto his sister's shenanigans that he's going to pay her back. ;)

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  13. Totally adorable! Stopping by from monday blog hop!