Monday, October 10, 2011

Week in Phone Pics

I didn't take a ton this week, because honestly - I forget!!

- in downtown Knoxville, with a view of the historic Tennessee Theater
- Riding up to Knoxville with our gameday shirt on
- Working  down south, so had to travel the Natchez Trace parkway. (lots of people love it and all - I absolutely HATE it - no service, no radio, etc. If i died on this stupid parkway, no one would ever find me. And then you have people that like to drive 30mph to enjoy the scenery too)
- Jules wore my cardigan for an entire evening and she loved it
- Hanging out before bathtime
- Jules just hanging out in the dog's cage - she's really not in timeout, even though the picture suggests otherwise, lol
- Hugging goats
- Weekly (daily) trip to the grocery store. Note that the cart has a play car, but by the end of the trip they both were fussing to get up top, and had to split leg holes. (and Josh inhaling grapes)

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