Friday, October 7, 2011

Weekly Photo Project 17 - Night Night

Dear Jake,

The babes start each morning and each night with them in your lap, reading books. In the morning they are drinking their milk. At night, they are all tucked in their sleep sac and listening to your read them a bedtime story. We call it "Night-Night" - the babes call it "NiNi" (and its super cute when they say it). Its your favorite time of day. You aren't with them as much during the day, so nighttime is a special time for you. Its all about Daddy and the Babes, and that's as it should be. I know you hate the blog, but how else can I document something so special? Yes, I know this is a special time for you, but its also a special time for me as well, because it warms my hart to take pictures like these. Thank you for being a good daddy to our babies.



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  1. So, so sweet...and special. Brings tears to my eyes =)

  2. Adorable! Where do you get sleep sacks for them at this age?

  3. @Sarah [Nurse Loves Farmer]

    Hey Sarah! I got them online I think. I know they are probably too old for them. But they are such wild sleepers they couldn't do blankets yet :)

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  5. Hi,

    New follower from fridays blog hop please come follow me back :)
    P.S I know it is Saturday but better late than never. Right?