Friday, October 14, 2011

Weekly Project 18 - Outside Living

Dear Josh and Jules,

All of a sudden you want to be outside ALL THE TIME - EVERY DAY. Maybe its the fall. Mommy loves the fall, too. It is so nice outside this time of year. Every day before dinner time we all go outside and run and run and run...and run.  We play with our balls. We eat leaves. We fall down about 1,239 times. We march, we sing, we dance. You both love being outside right now, and ahem, throw fits when its time to come inside. But thats ok by me. I love that you love running around outside. Its so good for you to run and play. I hope it continues. I can see you both playing sports outside very soon :)



Mmmmmm...concrete post is yummy.

"Um, that is one precious girl" - everyone.  I KNOW!!!!

Mmmmmm...plastic bat is yummy.

Kicking and throwing balls with Daddy

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  1. Your kids are so cute!!! I found your blog on The Clumsy Coquette's blog hop today. Im following :))


  2. Adorable site - new follower from "blog hops"


  3. My daughter wants to be outside all the time too...takes me back to when I was a kid =) Love J&J's pics, as always!

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  6. GREAT PHOTOS and family time!!

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  7. Your babies are so cute! Found you at TGIF Blog Hop. New follower.

  8. Such cute babies :) Stopping by from Hop Along Friday and now following! Hope you'll come see me at and follow back!

  9. This post was cute. I did a similar post about Lil E's favorite things (everything she puts in her mouth). My friend teaches biology and said that it's actually a baby's reflex to touch things and put it to her mouth. Who knows? But my daughter does the same :)