Monday, October 24, 2011

The Weekly Project 19 - Building Blocks

Dear Josh and Jules,

Maybe its the difference between being boys and being girls. Or maybe its that you both are so different, I think you aren't even related, much less twins! But, I love that you are both so different. I love that you both each have your own personalities, own eye color, own idioms, your own likes and dislikes, even your hair texture is so very different! Jules, you hair is a rat's nest of coarse curls, while your brother's is baby fine and silky smooth, with curls along the end.

It really shows in the very little things you do each day, like playing with your blocks. Jules, you are so very careful with your blocks. You want to build them very carefully, one by one. And take you time, by making sure you take a moment to make sure its all straight before you put another block on top. You know it takes work, but you would rather it be very, very tall, before the fun comes of knocking them all over.
She is concentrating so very hard

She is very careful
She even stands up once it gets too tall, so she doesn't accidentally knock it over. She's so funny!

Josh, on the other hand, bless your heart. You are ALL BOY. You barely make it past three, possibly four blocks before they are already knocked over. Usually you make it to less than three. What's funny is that it is like keeping back a rabid dog to keep you away from Jules' tower of blocks. Once you get sight of her tall tower, you start licking your lips and drooling, and its all I can do to keep you away from knocking hers over (not really but close). So, funny. But again, that it what makes you - YOU! You crack me up!!

I only have the one picture of Josh, because this is as tall as his got :) 

Love you both dearly in all your different wonderful personalities,


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