Wednesday, November 2, 2011

21 Months Old - Update on the Babes

Sigh...another month down the drain of childhood. Why is is going so very, very fast? It seriously hit me this past month that they will be two--TWO-- in two--TWO--months! Please explain to me why I feel like we JUST their 18 month pictures made, and I had to make an appointment yesterday for their 2 year portraits? I swear it makes me so sad. I remember when they turned one, and other moms with 2 year old would say, "Oh I know! Mine are two! Seems like yesterday!". And I would smugly think, "Yeah, right. You have a two year old. That is two years since you gave birth. My situation is COMPLETELY different. You can't possible understand". And here, I am saying the same thing. The eyear 1-2 has gone by WAY faster than 0-1. I think maybe because there aren't as many milestones like rolling over, sitting up, crawling, walking. From 1-2 its just been walking, then running, then running faster :)

21Months old!!

Feedings: They are still doing awesome with feeding themselves and can use a spoon or a fork! And they can pick up and eat cereal and little things like that. We have started eating dinner with them now at night most nights, so that I think has helped with them eating in no more than 3 minutes and being done. We have also been taking them out (in public!) to dinner on Friday nights, to get them used to eating at the table with us and staying put for a while. Its a journey...

Sleep: They are such good sleepers. I can't complain at all. They are now sitting in the rocking chair with Jake at night before they go to bed at reading a story. Before they would sit in their crib while Jake read from the chair. It means I don't sing to them before bed, but this is nice too :)And we have started putting them down at 8 now instead of 7:30, so we can eat dinner with them. They also changed jammies and now have Mickey and Minnie flannel jammies. They LOVE them. So much that they cry in the mornings when we take them off and change their clothes. I even had to button Jules' shirt as a poncho over her outfit yesterday because she wanted "MeMe" back.

Our Schedule:

7:15- wake up then a sippy cup of milk mixed with two scoops of formula. (my sneaky way of sneaking in some vitamins). They drink it and read books while we get dressed.

8:00 - cereal with fruit or waffle with cream cheese spread or eggs and toast with fruit

10:00 - snack. either juice or milk with some fruit or a cereal bar (with no high fructose corn syrup, natch)
11:00 - Lunch is either a pasta, ( I have found Annie's Organic boxed pasta and they love it! You can sneak in some veggies here too) beans, rice, usually avocado. I try to have a little bit of the biggies: whole grain, fruit, veggie, protein. We also are fans of Yummy brand chicken nuggets (Canadian product so gov't mandates hormone free and natural - way cheaper than organic. Harris Teeter sells it) and fish
11:30-12 - Nap (they nap anywhere from 1.5-2.5 hours)
3:00 - This is either some of a pasta I have in the fridge, or toast with hummus and fruit. There also might be cut up tofu, cut up string cheese, chicken, cut up veggies, beans, or rice. I try to keep some easy things in the fridge to grab.
5:00 - we are doing a snack here  - they haven't been eating well at the 3:30 time and they have been hungry here.
7:00 - eat with Mommy and Daddy
7:30-8 - baths, story/bedtime
Activities: We are loving our Mommy and Me music class and still love Gymboree! Am thinking of starting them in an arts and crafts class too. I'm not sure ethey start until 2, though.
Structured Playtime: We are trying to block specific activity times. Our nanny takes them out on MWF, and TR they are at home all day. There is coloring time, arts and crafts time, reading time, puzzle time, reading time, block time, etc. I just don't want it to be free-play-run-wild-all-day.
Diet: Back to dieting and exercising! And it feels good!

Stats: Jules is still is some 18m clothes, although she can wear quite a few 24m stuff. Josh is 100% in 24 month clothes, and they both still have a problem with pants. They are too skinny! (oh, to have such a problem). They are still in size 5 shoes, although closer to 6 every day.  We have startedmigrating to size 5 diapers especially at night, so whenever I buy them I'll just buy 5s (even though there are more diapers in the 4 boxes)
Milestones: Boy, oh boy, these last few weeks they are saying so much! They pretty much try and say anything you do. They now sign AND say what they are saying, which is awesome. They are both now doing phrases of words, which has recently exploded! They know most animal sounds and love to show you them. They know most of there ABC's expect for a small few letters. They know all their numbers 1-9 which amazes me. And they know most of teh more popular colors. No haircuts yet, and not even close, lol. They are spounges now for sure, and love to learn!!

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  1. I'm flabbergasted that you can take TWO 21 month olds out to dinner! We haven't doen it since Braden was like 14 months because he won't sit still, nevermind eat in a public place! Good for you! Braden's a great kid, but definitely not when it comes to eating in public, just not worth it for us. Any tips? Email me!

  2. Oh my God! they are so adorable! I am visiting from MBS Alexa hop and just left a review for you...I fall in love with your blog, so lovely! :) I hope you would visit me back at and leave a review for me too. Would be happy if you also join my GFC list :)
    Will be visiting back for more story!

  3. So hard to believe they are almost 2! Seems like yesterday your made your BFP announcement on TTCYF6+ =)

  4. That is such an awesome picture! Stopping by from the MBS Alexa Blog hop.

  5. I have a 20 month old and she's my world!! i would never trade her for the world and i so see how time flys i cant belive my little one is going to be 2!!! CRAZY!!! Just started following your blog. im new to all of this and would love for you to come by and check out my blog maybe even a follower!!!

  6. Just ran across your blog...very helpful as my husband and I have 17month old boy/girl twins.At what age did your twins switch to one nap per day? Mine still nap at 10am and 3pm with the day starting at 6:30-7 and bedtime at 8pm. Thanks for your suggestions on food ideas and playtime activities.