Wednesday, November 23, 2011

This Girl

She is exactly like me in so many ways, good and bad. From her stubbornes, to her wanting to stand in the bath and let the faucet run over her all night long (I can stand under the shower head for hours), to her little knock knees, we are twins. I love this girl. This girl...

Has the sweetest little feet in the world. And she's wearing the eiffel tower socks I got her in Paris last year :)

Loves standing on the kitchen chairs. Also loves Minnie Mouse. You rarely see her without her.

Has a MESS of curls on her hair. Just like I did. However, I vow to try and let them grown out, instead of cutting them off short, like my parents did to us. Let's see what happens :)

Does NOT like when people invade her space, especially her normal space-invader, Josh.

Is awkward, funny, and brilliant.

Oh, those curls...I have been waiting for you for 22 months to get here. I am so happy to see them. But, lord, I am not ready to style them. And sister, they need it already.

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