Saturday, December 10, 2011

25 Days of Christmas (10) - Steppin' Out to Opryland Hotel

Saturday we "stepped out" to Opryland Hotel! I love, love, love the Opryland Hotel. I brought my SUPER HUGE pregnant self here in 2009, brought the kids back in 2010, and we came again this year. My mom and her friend, Dolores were in town for a girl's group party at the hotel Saturday night, so I thought I would take the kids over there for the day and look around. The boohiss was that we were there during the day and not the night, where you can see all the spectacular lights. If you aren't familiar with this hotel and the super-awesomessness that is their Christmas decorations, here is a peep:

 - It is a huge tourist attraction at Christmas and attracts thousands of visitors every year
 - The hotel begins installing lights in JULY each year. (no joke!)
 - Millions of lights are on display each year

We had fun, the babes did ok. They were up at the crack of dawn on Saturday, so were a bit fussy and certainly weren't fans of being confined in the wagon. Oh well, we got a few pictures and they loved looking at the trees, Santa, Shrek and his friends, etc, etc. Its totally going to become a yearly tradition I think!

A couple of terrible pics from the past two years:

While preggo:

Oh whee. I was a BARN. If I had a nickel for every time someone said "You're about to pop", I would be worth a lot of coin. I probably should have been in a wheelchair, but no. I was determined to walk everywhere. Whew.

I have no idea who took this picture last year, but surely this can't be the only one I have with me and the babes. Surely. Must look.

Now, from today!

Mom, Dolores and the babes.
Eating lunch. Jules playing Peepie.

Josh getting a KICK our of the pepper shaker. Seriously, he thought it was the best thing ever. (and this was while he was sitting very far from the table because he decided to color on the table, menu and wall. AARRGH). But look how cute he is!! (forgiven)

Inside of a small part of the hotel, but it is like this everywhere. Its beyond gorgeous.

The babes and I in front of one of their GIGANTIC trees. Its seriously like one million feet tall. (ok, not really, but its tall)
On Moi: Sweater: Ann Taylor//Tank: Target//Leggings and Knee Socks: H and M//Boots: Aldo

Mimi and the babes

Aren't they cute?

On Josh: Sweater: Polo//Shirt: JCPenney//Pants: Old Navy//Belt: Childrens Place//Shoes: Balducci (love these shoes, they are cute and vintage looking, and they happen to also be his faves, he wants to wear them every day)

On the Snow Princess: Dress, Shirt and Tights: Gymboree//Shoes: Target

Seriously, see how big this tree is?

I couldn't get the whole thing in frame, but do you see little Josh there at the bottom? Its a big tree

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  1. I used to love visiting The Opryland Hotel during Christmas. Wish we were close enough to take my kids. Loved the pictures!

  2. We take our boys every year too! Im so excited to take them this week sometime!

  3. Oh my goodness what cute pictures!!! You and your babies are ADORABLE!! Love the mega large Christmas the angle too, no better way to show it's great height than a photo like that. So cute!

  4. Your twins are gorgeous... great pics. I love your outfit!

  5. oh my goodness, your babies are the precious!! and you dress them so very cute :) the opryland hotel looks gorgeous.

  6. How adorable are your twins?!?!

    I love the socks up over the boots. I really need to get boot socks!

    Hope you'll link up to What I Wore Wednesday!

  7. Your in Nashville? and I see your a Vol fan..High five.

  8. That is a huge tree! I love the pics of your little ones discovering it.

  9. I LOVE your boot socks! So cute! Adorable babies too! Merry Christmas!!

  10. Your kiddos are just adorable! I like your sweater too, looks very cozy!

  11. we were just there a couple of weekends ago. we took the kiddos to bass pro to see santa and then spent the rest of the evening at opry. we LOVE it there!!!