Sunday, December 11, 2011

25 Days of Christmas (11) - Ghetto Santa Visit - Santa FAIL

Aren't they the cutest ever?
So, the babes met Santa for a second time this past week. And let me tell, you I was super excited!! One of our local indoor play places has been advertising all week that Santa will be there for pictures, and to bring your camera! So, I told my nanny all about it and she was excited. They, of course, have already met him once, but they keep talking about him, so I'm going to try and let them see him many times if they can.
She's really not about to cry. She just likes to make this face.

He's so funny.

Dates/times/location: Check
Cutie patootie outfits that look all cute and stuff with twinnies: Check
Playplace that they adore, so loads of fun to be had: Check
Babies not wanting ANYTHING to do with this Santa??? - non-check

Quick hugs before we go!

When I got home and asked all about it, my nanny explained that they wanted NOTHING to do with Santa. I couldn't believe it, really I couldn't. We have been reading Santa books. We have been coloring Santa in our coloring books. We have been watching Santa Claus cartoons. I just didn't understand....UNTIL I SAW THE PICTURE.
"Mom, seriously??? This guy is wearing New Balance" - Josh. Jules was just to embarassed and they both had to be coaxed with candy canes.

Well, its no wonder the babes didn't want anything to do with Santa! He was a Ghetto Santa! This "Santa" as they called him just sat in an old folding chair against a blank wall. No decorations, no garland, no tree, no presents, not even a red table cloth draped over the chair. Jeez people! And come on, is it too much to ask to wear black shoe covers, or black shoes, or even just just black socks?? No offense to the play place (I am purposely not naming them, because typically I adore them, but give me five minutes I could have created a cute backdrop of out practically nothing. They could have done better than this)

"I got dressed up for this?" - Jules

Hell, I wouldn't want to have anything to do with this Santa either!

Santa Visit FAIL. Wasted cuteness.

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  1. WEAK. Not cool, Santa. Not cool.

  2. haha. I wonder if Santa realized how un-Santa-like he looked? At least your kids look cute!

  3. Seriously?!?! Santa could have at least worn some shoes other than running shoes...and at least a couple decorations. Lame Santa, very lame!

  4. That is too funny and awful at the same time! The shoes! And the water bottle? Where's Santa's steaming mug of hot cocoa, he doesn't drink from a plastic water bottle?! Love the kids' thoughts, ha!