Tuesday, December 13, 2011

25 Days of Christmas (13) - Displaying Christmas Cards

As much as I totally adore getting Christmas Cards in the mail, and adore designing mine every year, I hate displaying them. I think there is a fine line between organization, decoration, and just plain tacky when it comes to displaying your Christmas Cards. And we get so many each year (thanks friends!) that it can quickly look junky if you're not careful.

Thanks to Pinterest, I have gotten some really neat ideas on a Christmas Card Display. I kind of took those and modified them this year. (what I really want to do is something else for next year, but didn't have the time and resources to make it work this year).

Basically I utilized our under-used dining room and used our big silver framed mirror. Then I went to Michael's and bought this really pretty pearl wire garland from the Christmas section.

The dining room
Card display on the mirror

I very carefully looped one end around each end of the mirror, and then did it again using slack for the bottom row. I love the pearls and love that it's wire, so it doesn't droop as much. I think its looks elegant. I then can attach the cards any way I want. Here, I used paper clips, but you can use other things as well. I thought about clothes pins, but again, that was almost tacky for me, and would take away from the pearls.

Close ups of the wire garland

So, here you have it! A creative, pretty way (at least I think) to display Christmas Cards. I have a feeling I'll use up all the space come Christmas!

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  1. I really like this idea and your dining room is beautiful!

  2. Mandy, that looks really pretty and sure beats my display in a basket!

  3. Great idea. Wish you a merry christmas...