Monday, December 19, 2011

25 Days of Christmas (19) - We met Rudolph!

Oh, how I love our sweet little town of Brentwood, TN. Its is beyond precious. One of the fun little things it did this past weekend was host a Santa/Reindeer gathering. Kids could come and get their picture made with Santa for free, and he also had two live reindeer there! Woohoo! Although we did NOT partake ion yet another Santa picture (that would be 4), we did hang out and look at the reindeer, or "Rooroff" if you will. The babes were SO EXCITED. They were just beside themselves! At first I was kind of like "Aww, why won't they let them pet them"? Then realized it probably because they would probably trample people with their aggresiveness. Hmmm, that wouldn't make for a Happy Christmas. Good decision on their part, I suppose. Yay for Christmas Fun!!

Oh dear. Yes, I am the mom with the child who had her dress stuffed into her tights, and didn't realize it until I was editing pictures. Sigh...

And I am also the mom with the sin who is carrying around a balloon that is just dirty looking to me (how did he get out of the car with it??) But...aren't they the sweetest?? They had the best time!

Jake and Josh. Aww :)

Rooroff!!! And I suppose his friend...Rooroff!!

Me and the babes! Josh is really happy!!

Jake and Josh

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  1. Adorable, as always =) I wish they did something like that with reindeer around here!