Sunday, December 4, 2011

25 Days of Christmas (4) - Steppin' Out Saturday - First meeting with Santa!

What a fun Saturday we had! The local Brentwood Library was having a special Saturday with Santa party. So, I thought it would be super fun to take the kids in the beginnings of many "Christmasy" family things to do this year. The library had a free magic show with a magician, face painting, crafts, an area to write Letters to Santa, actual Santa Claus, and snacks and an small orchestra playing Christmas music! So fun!!

The babes did great. We watched the magic show as best we could (still a little young for that) and colored and did the snacking mostly. I also thought they were a bit too young maybe for the face painting. Not the painting part, more the "sitting still in one place" part. And of course, the oh so lovely meeting with Santa! We have been talking and reading ALOT about Santa the past couple of weeks, so they knew exactly who he was when they saw him. It was so fun!! YAY for fun Christmas things! Stay tuned for photo overload!

The magic show. This guy was really good and super funny too.

Seriously, so freaking cute.

Jake and the babes watching the magic show. So calm and quiet and well-behaved ALL the time. (ha, right!)

Writing our letters to Santa! With our new balloons which we have eaten, slept, and bathed with since!

Jules' masterpiece of a letter. Pretty much sure it says to bring more Minnie Mouses.

Future world traveler and explorer?? nah, it's just a BIG "baaaallll" that goes round and round!

making new friends - pretty sure it will always be them against the world :)

YAY for juice!!

Meeting with Santa wasn't super. Jules was scared at first (see left) so she just sat at his feet while Josh was like, "So, you're Santa, huh?"

sigh..the best we got. Jules turned sideways, Josh acting bored, and Santa covered in balloons.

Pretty much the BEST PICTURE EVER. Jake: "Can I get a pic with the kids?" Where's Jake? He's hiding, lol! Peepie!

On Moi: Jeans: Lucky//Top: HandM//Cardigan and Necklace: Ann Taylor Loft//Sunglasses:MK
On Josh: Pants: Old Navy//Shoes: Target//Top: JC Penney//Sweater: Polo
On Jules: Dress and Top: Cracker Barrell (they have the CUTEST girls stuff - seriously!)//Shoes: Jelly Beans

Family Pic! Merry Christmas!!

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