Wednesday, December 7, 2011

25 Days of Christmas - (7) - The Gift List

This has been a hard year to get gifts for. Last year, Jake and I decided to get them one bigger gift from us. They got a ton of other gifts from friends and family members, so I don't feel compelled to get them multiple gifts each year. Another problem is that their birthday is January 8th, so it's right after Christmas. So, we get lots of gifts all at once, and then nothing for an entire year (ahem, yeah right). But, it does make it hard to estimate what they can play with for an entire year. Well, (drum roll) we have made our decision:

Jules is getting her first American Girl doll. (eeeeee!!!)

I have gone back and forth on this alot, and I have decided that she is mature enough to have this doll. She is not one that tears things up, and she really loves her toys (like Minnie Mouse) and treats them well. So, I have decided to do it. (and let's be honest, I am giddy with joy to get her an American Girl). But which one you ask? She is much too young for the American Girl, so you have your choice between Bitty Baby and Bitty Twins. Well, I am not a big fan of the Bitty Baby. I get that it's old school and it's supposed to be, but I just don't think it's nearly as adorable as the Bitty Twins with their sweet little pig tails and cuter outfits. However, I don't want the Twins. I just want the girl. So, I am buying a Bitty Twin girl separately. I know, I'm weird. But, I started to get kind of excited about her and her doll to have matchy-matchy doll/toddler dresses (which I have ordered) and just do the baby doll thing instead of doing the twin thing. (maybe because she is one?? I dunno). But, this will be her "big" Christmas gift. I also got the starter kit and some matchy matchy things. I ended up ordering a generic set of stroller, high-chair, pack-and-play from JC Penney. I didn't want to get those from AG. I feel like those she WILL tear up. (or her brother)

Josh is getting a train table!

Where am I going to put this contraption? I have no idea. but, I have a feeling he will kind of love it. He loves trains and I see me and Jake playing with him alot with it, which I am excited about. I haven't bought one yet, because I haven't decided which one to do. There are lots of things to consider: size, colors, storage, trains, etc. So, I am still doing research. I know for sure I want some Thomas Trains, but I am not for sure if I want to get the Thomas Table, or the Imaginarium Table. Still pondering...

For their birthdays:

The Leappad Explorer Tablets in purple and green. Yes, I know you just chuckled a little and thought "yeah right" because they are sold out everywhere, but it has now been a personal mission of mine to have these in hand by January 8th. And, I am hoping after the Christmas rush dies down, it might be a little easier to find them. (one will wish, anyways). And can I just say that these babies will LOVE these. They are both obsessed with playing games on Jake's ipad (especially Jules). Their hands down favorite app game is Money's Lunchbox. If you haven't heard of it, please go check it out. It's great.

I'm also going to get them another Mickey and Minnie Mouse, because that will probably be the theme or their party, and they "might be" getting some other Mickey things from other peeps.

Other fun things on their list from other people are Power Wheels and tricycles. Noone has really told me. I like to be surprised too :)

So, that is our list this year! I would also like to take this opportunity to say how incredible blessed we are to be able to buy these wonderful things for our kids. They have more now than I ever did growing up. We are very lucky and fortunate, and I don't for one second take it for granted. I absolutely love this time of year and to be able to experience it all over again through their eyes is nothing short of a miracle. I am now thinking the main purpose to have children is to experience Christmas with them. This year has been so much more fun than last year and I know it's going to get better and better each and every year! I am so thankful for these sweet babies!!

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  1. Great gifts! I'm sure both of them will be in love with their gifts. Can't wait to see pictures =)

  2. The imaginarium table fits the Thomas trains, and I'm guessing it's cheaper (it is in Canada right now anyway, since it's on sale). I just thought I'd point that out.

    I hope you can find the leap pad by their birthday!

  3. Why don't you get the leap pad on ebay, they have tons on there!