Saturday, December 10, 2011

25 Days of Christmas - (9) - Crafting at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens

Every Tuesday Cheekwood Botanical Gardens in Nashville has what they call "Tuesdays for Tots". Cheekwood is famous here in Nashville for hosting some of the beautiful lands in town. You can tour it, or come and visit. They also host some upscale charity galas as well.

Every Tuesday they have a special activity just for toddlers, which is way awesome!! The babes have never been before, but I read online that this week's project was making their own Christmas ornaments, so I thought it would be fun for them to go this week and check it out, in an effort to fit in as much Christmas as we can this month. I have always thought they weren't old enough yet and wouldn't get it, but apparently they did great (the nanny took them, not me...sigh). But, they came home with two Christmas ornaments and they just had a ball!
The little Picassos are ready to go!

They have tons of supplies like paint and glue! (egads!)

Josh is going to work.

Clearly she thinks paint is tasty. Look how carefully she is dipping her paint brush. HeHe. Soooo her.

Hello??? Who do you reckon he's talking to? And, sigh, I am assuming that is his tub of paint. Soooo him, lol.

Tada!! Our masterpiece ornaments!! They are so fab :) They are so talented :))))))) Love Them.

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