Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas #2 - A Small Town Christmas *Collage Style*

Christmas #2 took place in Waverly, TN, the small town where Jake is from. usually we come here on Christmas Eve, but not this year, because we wanted the babes to be home on Christmas morning for Santa's visit :) So, we moved it up a day. Christmas Eve is met with Jake's mom and dad, his sister Jen, and her hubs Scott. We drink champagne and open all of our family's presents and end the night by watching Darlene Love perform "Baby Come Home" on the David Letterman Show. (it's her 25th year performing, and our fifth making it a tradition)

The next day we welcome Jake's aunts and MeMaw and Grandad and cousins. We exchange names for presents and eat a fab lunch, then on to home. A quick but super fun trip!

Julesy posing (she figured out she can pose, then see herself on my camera afterwards, so we did this about 10 times) - Jules and cousin Sherry - Josh and a large present - opening many, many more - Sweet Charlie - J.V. and his new favorite headband - Jules! - more presents - Josh and granddad - Vicki and Jules - JV and Josh on our new powerwheels! - Whee! - Traffic jam!

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