Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2 Year Dr Appt

We had our big 2 year appointment this past week. Although I would LOVE to say we passed with "flying" colors, we alas, did not. We are healthy and all, but these babes need to grow! (which is hard when you have one little girl who is obsessed with only eating Cheerios this week)

The good news is that we got through the visit with no vaccines, which has been rare for us! We did get a flu shot, but that was ok. And for the first time EVER Josh did not cry! He was so good. Once we got in the parking lot, Jules proceeded to puke all over her dress, which was awesome. It's like t hey are dogs and they know they are going to the vet. We also had eyes tests (passed) and hearing tests (passed, Josh only, Jules refused)

Here are our stats:

Weight - 24lb, 9.6oz - 10% percentile
Height - 34in - 30% percentile

Weight - 21lb, 12.8oz - 2% percentile, sigh...
Height - 33.75in - 45% percentile

They want to bring them back in 4-6 months for a weight re-check - Jules mostly, not really Josh, but they travel in packs, so I assume we'll both go back.

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

I Heart Faces - Silly

 I Heart Faces's them this week is being silly. So, here I am, snapping shots, of my giggly boy kicking his feet up at me while laying in the floor, thinking it's the funniest thing he has ever done. Love this guy.

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In General Updates, and our weekend

Apologies in advance for the lack in blogging. My life is just crazy right now! I work for the American Heart Association, and February is Heart Month. So, that means my booty is in uttercrazytown planning events right now that will happen next month. Add that to potty training...and I am lucky I haven't checked myself in somewhere.

I will saw that my sweet Jules is a super star. She had a few little setbacks and accidents, but she has done fantastic during the day. I plan of (hopefully) writing a post all about our potty training journey. I probably will, because it is quite the milestone in the life of that Baby Stribling, and thats what this blog is about after all. but, man, I love that girl, and am over the moon proud of her.

Friday night my sister Ginny came up and we went to see Spamalot at TPAC. I have season tickets, and there are only so many that Jake will agree to go to, so I am usually looking for dates. This one Ginny was really wanting to see, so she came over to go with.
At Spamalot at Tpac

I also had an ulterior motive of her going with me to check our a gymnastics place on Saturday morning (Let It Shine in Franklin, TN). Every Saturday for the past year we have been involved in Gymboree Play and Music. I love it so much, but the kids were kind of outgrowing it, and I just wanted to see what else was out there for them, so I cancelled it. So, now my journey is to find something else for us to do. At two, the kids can be more exposed to different things. Jules can now start dance, which is beyond preciousville, and if I entered her in for classes, it would pose danger, because I would die, DIE of cuteness overload. Plus, I;m not too sure we would enroll Josh, so I was wanting them to do something together. So, I was thinking gymnastics! We have two places here (well, three is you could The Little Gym). There is Let it Shine and MPact that I have heard people talk about.

So, Ginny and I set off to Let it Shine. There were so many things that I didn't like about it, I just was confused. I have heard so many wonderful things about it, so I had high hopes. But, I will not go back there. At least not yet, not at this age. First off, it was HUGE, and chaotic, and just loud and crazy and crowded and a circus. I guess most gymnastic places are like that, but I guess I wasn't expecting quite all the craziness. Second, the teacher weren't all bubbly and sweet and oozing with sugar and spice like my ladies over at Gymboree. These girl were strict, and expected you to follow the rules and wanted my kids to mind and wait their turns and all things they absolutely SHOULD be doing. And I agree with their "schtick" for sure, and love that they have expectations for the kids, however, me and Ginny were nervous wrecks thinking we were going to get in trouble the entire time if Josh and Jules didn't go though the tunnel correctly. The mommy and me part lasted about 30 minutes, then you spent the next parts out in the big HUGE gymnastic arena, - with.everyone.else.like.alot.of.freaking.people.were.everywhere. It was just chaotic, like I said. And then after all of this with out trial class and after we were done, she informed us that "they told you up front that this class is full right"  - "um, no, she actually wasn't sure where this class even met, so no" - So, we couldn't even join even if we wanted to.

Anyway, it just kind of rubbed me the wrong way. I felt like an outsider "new kid in the class" - and not in a good way. So, we'll check out the other one and see if its any more "us".

If anyone has any other suggestions, please do tell! The pics below are from after church on Sunday. I didn't grab any pics from Saturday - I totally forgot.

oh and p.s. I had their 2 year portraits taken this past week too, and I must say, they looked sooooo cute! I can't wait to get them back!

On my super big (weep) almost completely potty trained Jules:
Top: Gymboree//Dress: handmade//Leggings: Baby Legs//Shoes: Target

On Moi: Dress, Cardigan, Boot Socks: HandM//Boots: Journey//Belt: Target//Necklace:Etsy

Had to add this one - cracks me up. Story of my life, people

This boy runs, and runs, and runs, and runs. Challenge number one was getting a picture of Josh and Jules in the same frame. Challenge number two was getting a picture of Josh standing still
On Josh://Shirt: Gap//Pants: Old Navy//Shoes: Gap

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Our Week in iphone Pics

Um, if you are following me on instragam (@apstribling) you knwo how I am now even more obsessed with taking pics of the babes. Is that even possible? Clearly, it is. The downside is that I didn't use my D-SLR at all this past week, so I have to make sure I am playing the camera game fair and square. Alas...here is what we were up to this past week. Let's just say it was potty training, and didn't leave the house, m'kay?

Looking out at the birds//we heart Yo Gabba Gabba//Potty training with a companion is always better//Eating at the big boy/girl table//carrying Woody around in the Bitty Baby carrier//Sleeping on brobee//WE LOVE YOGURT//Ready to get now Mom//Josh is neater with yogurt//our new panties/underwear. I might just die//Looking out at the snow. I just did die//Ready to go play in the snow!//Feeding Gus a snack//me and Jules//me and Jake//Reading Books//Playing with our Leappad tablets//playdoh!

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Do you know they potty dance?

Because we do. We have perfected the art of the potty dance. That right, people. We are knee deep in potty training. I am not brave enough to potty train both kiddos at the same time. I talked about it here and got LOTS of great information, tips and advice from her, her, her, and her. (so sorry I haven't responded to you girls, I have been slammed, but I do appreciate it)

Why, do you ask, am I potty training? I have no idea honestly. I work for the American Heart Association, and February is heart month, and I have about 125 events happening next month, so I am knee deep in event planning. HOWEVER. She's ready. My little girl is growing up,and she's ready. And the more I put it off, I think the harder it might become.

The how. We started day one (on Monday) with diapers but trying to get her to go potty throughout the day. And I quickly decided against that. I could possibly be doing this for six months. Um, no. So, then I decided to do the three day method, although I'm not exactly doing it in three days, am hoping for a week. We stared on nothing below on Tuesday and just watching her like  a hawk and keeping her hydrated and multiple times to the potty and multiple minutes on the potty. She gets to pick a sticker and gets either some fruit snacks or raisins is she goes on the potty. We also get to do our super fun made up potty dance. (and Josh wants all these things too, natch)

Tuesday was horrible. I am not going to lie. Potty training sucks, ya'll. REALLY sucks. And I have help during the day!! We had numerous accidents and I wanted to give up. (we might have popped a squat and pooed on the floor)

Wednesday was horrible as well, but a little better. We had one or two times in the potty, the rest were accidents. (on this day I was about over it, and might have had a glass or two of wine..might have, lol)

Then Thursday came. Wow. This girl is getting it. This girl is a big girl!!! We maybe had ONE accident and everything else in the potty. And our ONE accident was in her high chair for dinner. We are getting there. Oh yes, we are getting there. I also added clip on earrings for her because she is a big girl when goes potty!

Today is Friday. We did not have any accidents this  morning, and she even went on an outing to Target with NO accident!!! YAY!! However, she then decided this afternoon to potty on the floor next to her potty...sigh....but thats ok. Then proceeded to do it again....but thats ok. Then went again in her high chair....but thats ok. We are getting it and she is SO PROUD of herself. (this girl is my people pleaser, so I know she will get it). I am just d.r.e.a.d.i.n.g. this weekend. Wish me luck, and say a prayer. My girl can do it. I know she can.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wordless Wednesdeay - Guess who finally got an iphone?

So, in case you were wanting even MORE picture of the kiddos, well...you are in luck my friend! Welcome to my new obsession, and I am super stoked to finally be able to be a part of the cool clique. (adios LG vortex) And, if you want to follow me on obsession #2, come hang out with me on Instagram. (@apstribling)

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

White and Family Fun Photos

This week I am linking up to The Paper Mama. Chelsey is having a photo contest entitled "White". And then I Heart Faces's theme this week is Family Fun! So, I thought I would enter this fun photo for both. Our neighbor across the street is Jim Ed Brown. He has a few horses over there, but they never get close. Until today! So, for the first time EVER, the babes got to get up close and personal with a beautiful horse! And we fed him an apple. And I petted his nose. And my father-in-law about freaked. Its was hysterical. What a fun ten minutes! So, here is Vicki, Jules and Mr. Horse.

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Here we Go....Potty Time

It's Time.

I know it's time. How in the world am I going to attempt potty training with two two-year-olds. Do I want to attempt potty training with two two-year-olds?? Nope. But, I must. Jules is ready. More than ready, actually, but I've just been lazy. Yes, I know 2 is still early to some. But, she';s smart. She gets it. And she has used the potty now off and on for the last couple of weeks with some prodding (like 6!!) I have clearly never done this before, so this is a big step for me and for her. I have no idea what I am doing, and for once, have not read up on it and am not 100% prepared for what I am going to do, which troubles me. There seems to be no right/wrong way of doing it, but I want to do it right to where we don't have any slip ups or regressions. Here is where I am:

1. We are ready emotionally and milestoney.
2. Pull ups or no? I don't know. Some people use them, some people don't. Some people only use them for naps/nighttime. Here is where I am super confused on what I want to do for reasons **
3. 3 Day method/2 week method/6 month method? - definitely not the 6 month method, but then again, I'm not sure we are ready to do it in three days either. So I guess once I for sure am 100% committed to this, we will probably do a two-weeker (I think...)

I am wide open to any tips/tricks you have to help out, or any experience you think will be helpful. Yes, I know people potty train every day, but it makes me nervous.

Josh, poor guys, will just have to wait a bit. He hasn't yet peed or anything in the potty, but he likes to sit and hang out. So, he'll take some more time, and thats ok. Twins are hard, ya'll.

**Jules is NOTORIOUS for waking up each and every morning with a diaper from H.E.L.L. - I have never seen anything like it, and we are not sure when it happens. We check on her between 10-10:30pm. and she's good then. So, it occurs sometime between 10:30pm and 7:00am. It never wakes her up, so I am hoping it might happen at around 6:55am :) (ha, right). Anyway, this little but of info is why potty training terrifies me a bit, because of these nightly nighttime episodes. She could be doing it in the middle of the night and sleeping in it all night (blech). It's so bizarre to me. Josh very, very rarely does it so I am baffled. Any thoughts on this as well, and how to correct this during potty training?

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Steppin Out Saturday- Birthday Party

We have had a pretty fun/low key weekend over here at Baby Stribs. Friday was a no-joke snow day here in Middle TN. Even though there was .00000002 inches of snow on the ground, all the schools were closed - crazy no? All you people up north probably make fun of us, but we seriously freak when snow hits. Kroger was jam packed with people picking up emergency bread and milk. (because you know, it was an emergency snow storm). The babes got out to play in what was left of it on Friday, though!

We got to play with our tricycles though. The gloves didn't last long, because they coudln't figure out how how to grab.

Little Buddy

She is like, "Honestly Mom, this is snow??" (you can see the light dusting - seriously, they closed schools)

Just for funsies - let's add some snow.

Balloon - not snowball

Saturday Jake and I stepped out to a friend's 40th birthday party at the Tin Roof 2 in Cool Springs (when did we become old enough to attend 40th birthday parties - yikes!)

There were tons of people there and it was a super funzo night! Jakes Mom and Dad came up to keep the babes so we could get out for a bit.

This girl is super happy to use her dust buster. I think I may just buy her a real one. She could help out alot.

Precious, precious precious:
On Jules: Dress: Consigned//Jeggings: Childrens Place//Shoes: Target

Me and Joshie. His hair is so pretty, but we are getting closer and closer to haircut #1

Seriously, he's so sweet

Me and my girlie Jules. (they wouldn't pose for pictures with me together)

On Moi:
Straight Hair: Chi//Top: Cabi//Cardigan: White House, Black Market//Jeggings: Target//Fab Boots: Gift from SIL(I think bought in Argentina)//Belt: Target//Necklace: Anthropologie

On Josh:
Sweater://Gap//Tshirt: Polo//Jeans: Gymboree
Currently Shoeless
iphone pic of the night! Marette, Moi, Katie, and Andrea

Me and Jake :)

Next on the agenda is good ole MLK day - another vacation day! Yippee!

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Video

Clearly I want their 2nd Birthday to continue on for the next month...so here is their Happy Birthday video :) They are funny little bugs. My sister, Ginny shot this with an old school app on her iphone, which is why it looks like that.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Monday, January 9, 2012

SOS - Mickey and Minnie Birthday Party!

Yes, I know I'm supposed to be Steppin on on Saturday, but we simply stepped out to our birthday party, and was just too excited to post about it! We did a Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse theme (because they are obsessed with them right now, plus it didn't hurt that they were Mickey and Minnie for Halloween, so we already had outfits).

So, without further adieu, their party...(cue the red curtains opening)
Pin It

Dining Room, AKA, the food table

Front Door, with DIY wreath and DIY sign

Dining Room, part 2

Cutie patootie food signs, DIY

Water Bottle Labels, DIY

Pompom Balls, on Christmas clearance from Party City, Mickey Mouse Centerpiece: DIY

Banner: I did a banner of a picture of each month from the last year - I loved this idea and it turned out so cute!

Jules' "year" banner

The mantel. I made a Mickey and Minnie banner for this.

The dessert table: We had cupcakes, Mickey Mouse ear rice krispy treats, and a chocolate chip cake

Josh's cupcake tray. I made the topper myself and they were two sides and alternated between his name, his age, and Mickey

The chocolate chip cake (Mom made the cupcakes and cake, while Vicki made the sandwiches, and Ginny dipped the rice krispy treats) Basically I was the planner and decorator, lol

DIY centerpiece - loved it!!!

Jules' cupcakes

Josh's cupcakes were chocolate with buttercream frosting. Jules' were red velvet with cream cheese frosting.

Party hats: PRECIOUS

Their birthday banner. I got a little banner crazy (clearly)

Me and Jules (her outfit I made myself for Halloween)

Us with the babes before blowing out their candle :)

Make a wish!

I had to bribe Jake to wear these, lol. And yes, they are also DIY - super easy and so fun!!


Party Outfits: DIY
Party Hats: Etsy
Cupcake Holders: Ebay
Cupcake Toppers, Invite, Paper products, Banner, and Centerpieces: DIY
Tablecloth, balloons, plates, napkins, etc: Dollar Tree

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