Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2 Year Dr Appt

We had our big 2 year appointment this past week. Although I would LOVE to say we passed with "flying" colors, we alas, did not. We are healthy and all, but these babes need to grow! (which is hard when you have one little girl who is obsessed with only eating Cheerios this week)

The good news is that we got through the visit with no vaccines, which has been rare for us! We did get a flu shot, but that was ok. And for the first time EVER Josh did not cry! He was so good. Once we got in the parking lot, Jules proceeded to puke all over her dress, which was awesome. It's like t hey are dogs and they know they are going to the vet. We also had eyes tests (passed) and hearing tests (passed, Josh only, Jules refused)

Here are our stats:

Weight - 24lb, 9.6oz - 10% percentile
Height - 34in - 30% percentile

Weight - 21lb, 12.8oz - 2% percentile, sigh...
Height - 33.75in - 45% percentile

They want to bring them back in 4-6 months for a weight re-check - Jules mostly, not really Josh, but they travel in packs, so I assume we'll both go back.

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  1. You know our story, so I won't say too much. Hope you're not worried about it. Our little girls are perfect just the way they are!

  2. My son was in the 30th percentile for height at his 4 month check-up. At his 6 month, he was in the 89th percentile for height. I wish I took back all of that time worrying he was too short. I try not to worry too much as it is -- I was in the 60-somethingth percentile for height when I was one year old and I'm barely five feet tall whereas my sister was in the 20-somethingth at one year and now, at 15, she's way taller than me! Your little ones are perfect. :)

  3. Mandy,
    My twins were born 3 days before yours and we had our 2 week appointments last week as well. Ours looked similar to yours! My Wiley was at 26.4 lbs and Georgia was 21 lbs even = 0%. It is quite frustrating for me because for some crazy reason I see it as a reflection of me because I prepare the meals for our family. Our ped is not worried at all about the babies either but wants to get Georgia's weight up. We have added stonyfield whole yougart at night before bed mixed with fruit and a pedisure drink during the day to try and get some extra calories. My daughter is my best eater out of my 3 kiddos, which sometimes makes me feel like why am I trying to fatten her up. Basically I wanted you to know you are not alone, I feel your pain. If your ped gave you any suggestions please share with me!

  4. It's good to keep an eye on it but your itty bitty has just been that way all along so it's probably just normal for her =)