Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 a year in the life of the Fabulous Baby Striblings

I have seen this over at Mandy's Blog, and thought it was pretty neato, so I decided to copy it. Plus, it WAS a great year. My babies went from one to almost TWO!!! It's kind of neat that they use their whole year as their age year as well (they turn two on Jan 8).

Anyway, here is a look back at our uber fabulous year:

January was a fun month for us! We turned one, and had a super fun Elvis Birthday party. I ended our monthly pics (sniff), I made some New Year's Resolutions, and we played in the snow!

In February, I started doing Weekly Photo Projects, couldn't figure out what to feed my "now toddlers", had my peeps help me with what to do with all my pictures, and started getting super excited about consigment!

March was fun! It was starting to get warm again! We started doing Mommy and Me Mondays (which I need to start back), I posted about consignment sales, celebrated St Pattys Day, and I did a DIY tutorial on photo canvases!

April was Easter - yay! We met the Easter Bunny, and I did my first Steppin Out Saturday. We got our one year portraits back, we went to the Masters, and I did another DIY on Bow holders.

Shoo - I have a super cute little boy. I realized poor Jules will forever be my little mini-me :). I celebrated my "line-aversary", and  we celebrated my second Mothers Day!!

In June, I posted about a "day in the life" with the twinnies, and decided it was time for a bigger car.We surprised Jake in his office for his birthday, which was fun, and we also looked back on his 30th birthday! Jules wanted to be a diva for lunch, and she is also a super cutie. We celebrated Father's Day, and I started having to think about outfits for their 18m photoshoot. Worst thing? My harddrive crashed and I lost everything that was on it.

I went to the super-awesome U2 concert, and discovered how awesome the Dollar Store is when you have 18m olds. Josh and Gus became BFFs, and we had a pretty fun 4th of July. I remembered when I was really cool and ran the Country Music Half Marathon and also blogged a bit about what it was liking owning your own business.  

We hit another milestone and moved up to big girl and boy car seats.I pondered if I was a photogaholic, and  the little blog was a favorite over at Circle of Moms! Jake's sister got married, and I flashed back to lots of pictures from my past. I also went to the beach, and also participated in another surprise wedding!

Football season kicked off, and I had a birthday! I talked about how I am obsessed with Musical Theater, then wrote a bunch more posts about college football, which I'm sure noone really cared about, lol. I also looked back on my maternity fashion, and we got our 18 Month photos back.

The Nashville Heart Walk happened, and was fun. Jules cracked me up. We went to many more football games. I did a tutorial on a DIY growth Chart, and looked back on my trip to Paris last year. We celebrated another anniversary, and I looked back on our wedding! I started posting about decisions I have made as a mom, and I also did another DIY tutorial on Tutus! Um, and the babes were Mickey and Minnie for Halloween, and super cute.

I traveled to New York and to Las Vegas in November, so didn't post as much. I was super thankful for lots of things, and also did a Holiday Home Tour of La Casa

I started a 25 days of Christmas posts (although didn't quite make it, oh well) Among the fab ones were The DIY tree topper, the Advent Calender,The opryland Hotel, and  my Christmas Card Display. I also showed off my Christmas Cards. I also recapped on Christmas in these three posts. It was SO MUCH more fun this year with the babes!

I hope your 2011 was as much fun as ours was! Thank you so much for reading my blog and keeping up with the Fabulous Baby Striblings! we love sharing our lives and our journey with you!

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  1. It was so good to see you last week. Maybe next time, I can actually talk to you but it sure is hard with keeping watch over our little ones.

  2. I love all the pictures! It is always amazing to see how much our kids change throughout one year! Happy New Year!

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  4. I love the end-of-year recap! Great idea to record memories. I'm also definitely snagging the DIY tree topper idea. We need one badly and I can't seem to find anything in stores that I like. Thanks for the idea:).