Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 - Resolutions and Goals

Well, here is it. The annual resolutions list. Will I keep them all? No, probably not. But, it's something to shoot for, and a goal to set, if you will. They are all actually pretty similar to last year's, because (ahem) I didn't really stick to them very well. Again, they are goals people. - GOALS.

1. Money. I am just going to title this one money. I have got to do better with this. It's a MUST. Why am I so terrified of looking at my balance online? Why should I let my money control me? It should be the other way around, right? I have enough, I get by just fine, but why am I always worried about it? We are going to end this in 2012.

2. Eat more local and organic. (again, this was last years). We did go to the Farmers Market more. But, I am still wanting to cook WAY more vegetables than I do now. And luckily, my 5 year old husband is now branching out a bit more and is willing to at least take bites and maybe even eat some, which makes it easier. I just wish organic living wasn't so darn expensive. I am thinking of enrolling this year in E-mealz. I haven't done it before, but they started a Whole Food plan that looks pretty neato. If you have never heard of it, it's like $5 a month and they plan your menus out weekly depending on what is on sale.

3. Photography. I really want to get better at this. I got some classes for Christmas, so hopefully I'll knock this one out.

4. Sewing. Yes, this was as well on my list last year,and I went to one lesson and then nada. Sigh....And I love my machine, I just need to devote time to it.

5. Devote time to me. I have GOT to get over feeling guilty about being out of the house in the evenings. I feel like I have to be home on the weeknights and feel so guilty if I have something to do (which I never do). Does Jake even care? Probably not. But, I feel bad when I'm not there. Why do I do this to myself? I have no clue. So, this year I am going to get out more - because there are lots of things that need to happen on weekday nights that I need to do for myself:  such as exercise classes (I love Zumba, but never get to go), or just a workout, sewing classes, photography classes, seeing friends, etc. Its my goal this year.

6. And as a side note to number 5, when we are at home, spend time doing stuff together! The kids go down between 7:30-8, and what do we do? Jake watches sports and plays on his ipad, while I am on the computer. Now that is communication at its best! So, I vow this year to do more - whether it be playing games, watching a movie, etc - I want to make our evenings together better spent - so if you have any ideas - send them my way.

7. Daycare - not really a resolution, but a goal. The babes are turning two, and they need to be in a more school type setting now I think. They need to be around other kids more, and really do want it. They are both so smart and just eager to learn as much as they can. And when it's one on two with 2-two year olds, its hard to do much teaching. You are more just maintaining :)

8. Classes for the babes. Again, just a goal. They are two now, so I'm doing some research and seeing what kinds of fun stuff they can get involved in more. I cancelled our Gymboree Membership yesterday, so I think they are ready for older things that they can get involved in.

Any others??? probably. What are yours?

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  1. yes to 1-6! We are already doing 7 and 8, well, let's just say Emily hates dance, so much so that we ill probably have a recital costume to sell because she refuses to go to class and not cry.

    I am doing a variation on the whole word of the year. I am focusing on one value a month. This month is order. Must. get. organized!

    Happy New Year and best of luck to you!

  2. Good goals! I super-agree with spending quality time with the husband. After we get our two down, we both just want to zone out and have a quiet space. We gave up trying to talk much at family dinner because we are too busy feeding the little ones! Keep us posted on how this goes, I need some tips! :)

  3. Definitely number five for me too!!! And I left it off my list but I need to work on number three also. I have about three books I need to read on my camera!

  4. Shoot hit publish too soon! good luck reaching your goals!

  5. Most of these are on my list too especially # 6!

  6. Great goals! I'm your newest follower...would love for you to follow back!

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