Friday, January 20, 2012

Do you know they potty dance?

Because we do. We have perfected the art of the potty dance. That right, people. We are knee deep in potty training. I am not brave enough to potty train both kiddos at the same time. I talked about it here and got LOTS of great information, tips and advice from her, her, her, and her. (so sorry I haven't responded to you girls, I have been slammed, but I do appreciate it)

Why, do you ask, am I potty training? I have no idea honestly. I work for the American Heart Association, and February is heart month, and I have about 125 events happening next month, so I am knee deep in event planning. HOWEVER. She's ready. My little girl is growing up,and she's ready. And the more I put it off, I think the harder it might become.

The how. We started day one (on Monday) with diapers but trying to get her to go potty throughout the day. And I quickly decided against that. I could possibly be doing this for six months. Um, no. So, then I decided to do the three day method, although I'm not exactly doing it in three days, am hoping for a week. We stared on nothing below on Tuesday and just watching her like  a hawk and keeping her hydrated and multiple times to the potty and multiple minutes on the potty. She gets to pick a sticker and gets either some fruit snacks or raisins is she goes on the potty. We also get to do our super fun made up potty dance. (and Josh wants all these things too, natch)

Tuesday was horrible. I am not going to lie. Potty training sucks, ya'll. REALLY sucks. And I have help during the day!! We had numerous accidents and I wanted to give up. (we might have popped a squat and pooed on the floor)

Wednesday was horrible as well, but a little better. We had one or two times in the potty, the rest were accidents. (on this day I was about over it, and might have had a glass or two of wine..might have, lol)

Then Thursday came. Wow. This girl is getting it. This girl is a big girl!!! We maybe had ONE accident and everything else in the potty. And our ONE accident was in her high chair for dinner. We are getting there. Oh yes, we are getting there. I also added clip on earrings for her because she is a big girl when goes potty!

Today is Friday. We did not have any accidents this  morning, and she even went on an outing to Target with NO accident!!! YAY!! However, she then decided this afternoon to potty on the floor next to her potty...sigh....but thats ok. Then proceeded to do it again....but thats ok. Then went again in her high chair....but thats ok. We are getting it and she is SO PROUD of herself. (this girl is my people pleaser, so I know she will get it). I am just d.r.e.a.d.i.n.g. this weekend. Wish me luck, and say a prayer. My girl can do it. I know she can.

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  2. I'm about to start...I'm scared. Ha!