Sunday, January 22, 2012

Our Week in iphone Pics

Um, if you are following me on instragam (@apstribling) you knwo how I am now even more obsessed with taking pics of the babes. Is that even possible? Clearly, it is. The downside is that I didn't use my D-SLR at all this past week, so I have to make sure I am playing the camera game fair and square. is what we were up to this past week. Let's just say it was potty training, and didn't leave the house, m'kay?

Looking out at the birds//we heart Yo Gabba Gabba//Potty training with a companion is always better//Eating at the big boy/girl table//carrying Woody around in the Bitty Baby carrier//Sleeping on brobee//WE LOVE YOGURT//Ready to get now Mom//Josh is neater with yogurt//our new panties/underwear. I might just die//Looking out at the snow. I just did die//Ready to go play in the snow!//Feeding Gus a snack//me and Jules//me and Jake//Reading Books//Playing with our Leappad tablets//playdoh!

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  1. Really enjoy your blog. We have boy-girl twins as well, and taking pictures is fun. Our twins are just 1 year old, so it's exciting to read about what's ahead!