Sunday, January 15, 2012

White and Family Fun Photos

This week I am linking up to The Paper Mama. Chelsey is having a photo contest entitled "White". And then I Heart Faces's theme this week is Family Fun! So, I thought I would enter this fun photo for both. Our neighbor across the street is Jim Ed Brown. He has a few horses over there, but they never get close. Until today! So, for the first time EVER, the babes got to get up close and personal with a beautiful horse! And we fed him an apple. And I petted his nose. And my father-in-law about freaked. Its was hysterical. What a fun ten minutes! So, here is Vicki, Jules and Mr. Horse.

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  1. Thats so cute! Its amazing how toddlers seem to naturally love animals =)

  2. Looks like Jules is going to want a pony ;-)

  3. haha, that is hilarious, love the tongue! haha :)