Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Weekly Project 22 - The Boy and his Trains

Dear Josh,

We got you a train table for Christmas, and although you and Jules both like to play with it, it is really your thing. And thats good! Because I love for you both to have different interests and loves. You really love playing with your tracks and trains. You love that they make super cool sounds too. You love saying "TooToo!!" when they go around the tracks. And you, ahem, would prefer playing ON the table rather than off it it. I get it! It's so much easier when you are such a little dude.



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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Funny things with the Babes

  • Every morning when I leave, Josh and Jules abolutely MUST do my "butthons" (buttons). They each take turns and help me with buttoning up my coat. So what if I look a little crazy at I leave the house? It's their favorite thing to do! As soon as I put my coat on, it's "Mama Buthons, Buthons!"

  • Jules says "Thank You Mama" ALL the TIME when I hand her anything, we read a book together, etc. And then I almost die.

  • She also says, "Sowy Mama" alot - and then I do die.

  • Josh anytime he comes into a room or "surprises" us in the room - "HI GUYS!!!"  - hysterical

  • Josh and Jules used to say "ME" whenever I asked them any questions. Like, "Who wants to go bye bye?" ME! "Who needs a new diaper?" ME! "Who wants to read a book?" ME! Now...its: "Who wants to read a book?" "Joshie!"- Jules says. "Who wants to play trains?" Joshie! - Jules says. "Who needs a new diaper?" Joshie! - says Jules - too funny. She now answers for him and makes all his decisions for him.

  • Oh, and she calls him Joshie. Seriously precious.

  • She is also my complete people-pleaser definition of "Mommy's Helper". She wants nothing more than to help me all day, every day. And she can do just about anything I ask her to do as long as I say, "Can you help Mommy?" She can bring me the diaper bag, diapers, wipes, dolls, books, helps me set the table, helps me cook, etc, etc.

  • At night, when we are putting out footy PJ's on: "Bye Pink!" (as her feet with her painted toes go into the PJ's)" - Jules or, sometimes, "Bye PuhPuh!" (for purple toes)

  • The painting of toes: having twins, whatever one does the other MUST do. It's just a given. Well, Jules loves getting her toes painted. She either chooses pink or pupu (purple) but they are constantly painted, and she loves it. Well, Josh also must have his painted as well. And I am not that into painting my boys toes pink, despite what a controversial J.Crew ad might have you think. It's not that I really care, but know that if I start something, it will continue on for many years. So, anyway, he gets his toes painted "white". (clear polish) - and he LOVES it as well. He loves his shiny toes. As soon as I get the pink polish out to paint Jules' toes, Josh immediately takes off his socks and shoes and says "SHINY, SHINY!!!" And is so excited.

  • Another Josh funny. Okay, so basically their entire life I have bought their entire wardrobe: clothes, shoes, etc, with the exception of things grandparents buy. So, Josh has grown out of his tennies, and Jake kept talking about him needing some new ones. So, for the first time EVER, Jake takes it upon himself to go to the mall by himself and pick out and buy Josh's new sneakers - some really cute New Balance 993's. (nice shoes, right?). Well, Josh hates them. Hates them! And I have no idea why. Jake was so proud of himself and I feel so bad about it. Each time we take them out of his shoe drawer, he takes them and puts right right back and pick out other shoes. Its so hysterical and sad at the same time. Poor Jake, lol. I feel bad, ha.

  • They love Gus. LOVE him. One of their favorite things to do right now is give Gus treats. Our treats are located under the sink and if they happen to find them they grab them and call out "gggguuuuuuuuussssssss" like they are a parent calling for their kids to come in from outside. So funny.

  • Another funny thing they say constantly is "oh no" They say it for everything, funny or bad. They love it when we are at the grocery store and I shake the cart from side to side down the aisle and they say "oh no"! and giggle like they are on the most fun roller coaster ever.

These babies are so fun right now. Seriously I laugh at them all the time! Sorry for lack of blogging. February is almost over and I can't wait until I can finally breathe again. Whew.

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Two Year Portraits

We got the babies' two year portraits done a few weeks ago (ya know, because they're two and all). For the first time EVER, I really didn't put too much thought into their outfits, poses, what I wanted the session to be, etc. I think because it honestly snuck up on me an I still do like to admit that they are, in fact, TWO.

However, I am very pleased with how they turned out. I had a Groupon I bought months ago for Jenn Cady photography, so I finally go her booked. She did a great job. However, because it was a Groupon deal, I only got three edited photos, so I just decided to edit them all myself anyway. I loved them though, and wow, how are these babies two!! Jake at the last second couldn't make it, so we couldn't do a family shot, but I did get a couple snapped of me and the babes (well, of EACH babe, because it was sooo hard to wrangle them in the same shot, much less all three of us in the same shot)

I had a hard time deciding what to put them in. I even went to instagram (@apstribling)to help me decide :)

We went with a preppy look, then with a more dressy/urban look. They of course looked precious as ever :)

On Jules:

Outfit 1- Dress, shirt:Gymboree//Shoes: L'amour(oh how I love these shoes!)
Outfit 2- Dress: Gap (oh how I love this dress!)//Shoes: Target

On Josh:

Outfit 1- Shirt: Old Navy//Vest: Gymboree//Pants: Old Navy//Shoes: Gymboree
Outfit 2 - Shirt and Jeans: Gap//Shoes:Gymboree

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Steppin Out Saturday - The White Cosbys

So, every Valentines Day for the past five years, this band called The White Cosbys plays at this place in Knoxville. They do an "80's themed" prom and play all super fun music from the 80's and some 90's as well. People dress up in fun 80's wear (not moi though). It's only a one a year thing, which makes it pretty cool. It just so happens that my sister, Ginny sings with them this night, and my brother-in-law plays piano for them as well. So, naturally we try to make it! And it is such fun, honestly!*

*I beg you to check on my brother-in-law's band, Shortwave Society. They are so super talented. You won't regret it, promise. And buy their music. They are awesome.

So, back to Saturday. So, Jake and I made a quick trip over to Knoxville for Saturday night, and came back Sunday to my sweet babies.

Sweet Jules :)
On Jules: Top: Target//Dress: Gap//Leggings: Childrens Place//Shoes: Target
Does your child love the Monkey Lunchbox like mine do?

On Josh (with a basketball, like his daddy): Sweater, Tshirt: Polo//Jeans: Gap//Shoes: Merrell

Quick tickles from Daddy before we leave!

80's prom balloon arch for pictures, naturally :)

Carson (surprised, lol?), Jennifer, Moi, and Jake
On Moi: Dress: Matty M//Cardigan: H and M://Boots: Aldo

Me and My Valentine. Awwwww.....

Me and Ginny

Me and Jason Patel and his wife, Bindia (Jake and I went to their wedding in Chicago in 2010)
Aaaannnnndd...for your viewing pleasure: My Sista singing :)

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Monday, February 13, 2012

A Self Portrait

Is there anything scarier than a self portrait? I think not. I hate the way I look most of the time. I mean, let's be honest, if I'm not fixed up, I am downright frumpy. Add to that a mess of curls on my head. Add to that I am one of the most insecure people you will ever meet. Add to that growing up with gapped teeth to only finally getting it fixed after college. Add to that a larger than life nose. Add to that a job where if I dress up all cutesy-like its really not all that appropriate, so I dont' get fixed up that often (yay for Steppin Out Saturdays!)

So, when The Paper Mama had a self photo challenge, it really took my out of my comfort zone. Yes, I take pics of myself for Steppin Out Saturdays, but they are far away and I'm fixed up as well.

So, it was weird. However, I did it. and am linking up to her and answering these questions she wants us to answer :)

Obsessing over…
Work right now. I love my job. Angry/frustrated at management. Really think I am going to have a good year, but am working my butt off and am exhausted. February needs to end soon.

Working on…
Lots of things! Just got done tagging, hanging, etc all my consignment stuff. I am also editing their 2 year portraits. (I did a Groupon, so they only edited three, which is fine by me, because I love photoshop anyways). I am also attempting a refinish of a cabinet for our TV in the family room. we got a beautiful antique buffet for the dining room for Christmas, so I am painting/distressing that cabinet to go in the family room - when I have time.

Thinking about…
Houses. We live on the line of Williamson County, literally. Our house in is Davidson County, a mile outside the line. We have probably been looking now for two years at houses in Williamson County, but have yet to find the one. We are pretty picky on size, location, etc. And price is a factor too, so hence, its been two years, lol. We have recently been toying around with the idea of buying an older house and gutting it and redoing the entire thing, and that seems pretty fun. In the past two years we have put offers on only two houses. So, we'll see...I am super ready to get this show on the road. *if you are confused, Williamson County is where we want to live and want the kids to go to school here. They are ranked something like the top 10 public school systems in the country

Again, my work year to be over. I have a pretty fab job that is seasonal. So, once schools are out, my campaign closes up shop. And the majority of my event occur in February/March, so after that it's smooth sailing.

Listening to…
Show tunes. I am a dork. All of my Pandora stations are all random show tunes stations. They only let you skip 6 songs int he hour, so I keep lots of stations so I can peruse through them.

Just made dinner! I made a whole roasted chicken glazed with French Onion soup mixed with olive oil in my Le Creuset. Also had corn and mashed potatoes. Yum!

for world peace. Lol. Honestly, a little secret about me - I make the same wish at every birthday, and at 11:11 and at wishing wells, etc. I always have wished to be happy. That's all. I am sure as a child I wished for other things, and I think in high school I wished for a certain boy. But, honestly every wish I wish for happiness. Once I had kids, I now wish for me and my family to be happy and healthy.

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Potty Training Updates

Oh myyyyyyy!!! I have been completely M.I.A. from blogging, and I can only blame it on my life right now. I miss blogging so much, and I feel like I am cheating documenting my sweet babies' life when I don't blog. HOWEVER, I have just been a busy, busy person. First, work is nuts right now. February is Heart Month, and being as I work for the American Heart Association, it is just crazy busy. Add to that the fact that all consignment sales are into full swing and iamobsessedwithconsigning (no really), so I have been trying to get all of that together - whew.

However, we have had lots of changes going on around here! Jules is officially "day" potty trained! And she is so completely awesome. I am so very, very proud of her. She hasn't had one accident in the last two weeks. She wears panties all the time, even on outings. She is still wearing a diaper during her naps and nighttime. I am not sure what we are supposed to do here - I am assuming just wait until she wakes up dry? Is that the protocol??

How we did it:

We did a loose 3-day method.  Loose meaning it didn't take three days, lol. The first two days I was losing my mind. Day three got better. But, it honestly took about a full week to "REALLY" get the hang of it with no accidents. She wore nothing on the bottom while at home and we took her to potty about every 30 minutes or so and pumped her full of water during the day.

When she went, she would then get to pick a sticker to put on a chart, and then she would get a treat of some sort (no candy, just like raisins or dried cranberrys, etc)

We had an actual daily "chart" - but then it turned into just an all around sticker page, lol

We also made up a potty dance. And we all danced to it when she went. I swear, though, her most favorite thing to do (no joke) is taking her pee bowl and showing everyone and then pouring it out and flushing it down. She is WAY proud of herself here. (luckily we have gotten past this step, lol)

We did resort to "big girl" things - I told her if she didn't have any accidents, she could have big girl earrings, natch!

She finally got it, and once she "got it" she has been perfect. She tells us when she needs to go. She has gone #2 a few times in the potty, not too many, so that is still a challenge. We don't do stickers, dances, etc anymore now. She just goes and is a big girl! sigh...

However, all in all, while that week was.pure.hell. it seems but a memory now, because now I feel like we haven't bought diapers in forever with only one in them during the day! WOOHOO! It's like I got a raise!

Now, onto Josh - he is still in diapers, of course, however, we have been starting with him. Yes, I know its early, but he understands what is going on. So, we decided last week to just see what happens. He peed 3 times in the potty (3 accidents) and #2 once in the first day!!! I could not believe it. COULD NOT BELIEVE IT. I thought I had the most perfect children in the world....until day 2. Then he decided to fight each and every time we went. So, back in diapers we are. We're going to try again this week, and see how it goes. I'm not going to push him. But, he obviously knows how to do it, he is just stubborn.

But YAY for one big girl!

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Steppin Out Saturday - Outta here and Hockey

This weekend was a little different for everyone here in the Baby Strib's household. It was super rainy and just plain nasty here, so Jake and I decided to take them to the mall and do a little shopping and a little lunching at Chick-Fil-a.
Josh drinking a little juice at Chick Fil A

Jake and I at the hockey game - me trying out the red lips look :)

On Julesie:
Skirt and Top: Coco BonBons//Leggings:BabyLegs//Shoes: Target

Seriously? Precious...
On Josh: Sweater and Tshirt:Gap//Jeans:Gymboree//Shoes: Gap

So cute!!!

This might be the most precious picture ever. They are ready to go byebye! (they love their suitcases)

Then, Saturday night the babes went to spend the night at Grama and Papa's house! So, Jake and I had a super fun date night! We decided to go to the Nashville Predators hockey game. We started out at Whiskey Kitchen to eat, then went to the game, then went and did us a little honkey tonkin' (for those that are not familiar, that would be going to some of the downtown honkey tonk bars - super fun)
All, in all a super fun Saturday - and then Super Bowl Sunday! Yay for fun weekends :) And yay for my babes being back home! Missed them muches.

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