Thursday, February 23, 2012

Funny things with the Babes

  • Every morning when I leave, Josh and Jules abolutely MUST do my "butthons" (buttons). They each take turns and help me with buttoning up my coat. So what if I look a little crazy at I leave the house? It's their favorite thing to do! As soon as I put my coat on, it's "Mama Buthons, Buthons!"

  • Jules says "Thank You Mama" ALL the TIME when I hand her anything, we read a book together, etc. And then I almost die.

  • She also says, "Sowy Mama" alot - and then I do die.

  • Josh anytime he comes into a room or "surprises" us in the room - "HI GUYS!!!"  - hysterical

  • Josh and Jules used to say "ME" whenever I asked them any questions. Like, "Who wants to go bye bye?" ME! "Who needs a new diaper?" ME! "Who wants to read a book?" ME! Now...its: "Who wants to read a book?" "Joshie!"- Jules says. "Who wants to play trains?" Joshie! - Jules says. "Who needs a new diaper?" Joshie! - says Jules - too funny. She now answers for him and makes all his decisions for him.

  • Oh, and she calls him Joshie. Seriously precious.

  • She is also my complete people-pleaser definition of "Mommy's Helper". She wants nothing more than to help me all day, every day. And she can do just about anything I ask her to do as long as I say, "Can you help Mommy?" She can bring me the diaper bag, diapers, wipes, dolls, books, helps me set the table, helps me cook, etc, etc.

  • At night, when we are putting out footy PJ's on: "Bye Pink!" (as her feet with her painted toes go into the PJ's)" - Jules or, sometimes, "Bye PuhPuh!" (for purple toes)

  • The painting of toes: having twins, whatever one does the other MUST do. It's just a given. Well, Jules loves getting her toes painted. She either chooses pink or pupu (purple) but they are constantly painted, and she loves it. Well, Josh also must have his painted as well. And I am not that into painting my boys toes pink, despite what a controversial J.Crew ad might have you think. It's not that I really care, but know that if I start something, it will continue on for many years. So, anyway, he gets his toes painted "white". (clear polish) - and he LOVES it as well. He loves his shiny toes. As soon as I get the pink polish out to paint Jules' toes, Josh immediately takes off his socks and shoes and says "SHINY, SHINY!!!" And is so excited.

  • Another Josh funny. Okay, so basically their entire life I have bought their entire wardrobe: clothes, shoes, etc, with the exception of things grandparents buy. So, Josh has grown out of his tennies, and Jake kept talking about him needing some new ones. So, for the first time EVER, Jake takes it upon himself to go to the mall by himself and pick out and buy Josh's new sneakers - some really cute New Balance 993's. (nice shoes, right?). Well, Josh hates them. Hates them! And I have no idea why. Jake was so proud of himself and I feel so bad about it. Each time we take them out of his shoe drawer, he takes them and puts right right back and pick out other shoes. Its so hysterical and sad at the same time. Poor Jake, lol. I feel bad, ha.

  • They love Gus. LOVE him. One of their favorite things to do right now is give Gus treats. Our treats are located under the sink and if they happen to find them they grab them and call out "gggguuuuuuuuussssssss" like they are a parent calling for their kids to come in from outside. So funny.

  • Another funny thing they say constantly is "oh no" They say it for everything, funny or bad. They love it when we are at the grocery store and I shake the cart from side to side down the aisle and they say "oh no"! and giggle like they are on the most fun roller coaster ever.

These babies are so fun right now. Seriously I laugh at them all the time! Sorry for lack of blogging. February is almost over and I can't wait until I can finally breathe again. Whew.

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  1. This really made me smile today! Our boy/girl twins are only two months old, but I've already begun talking about how fun it'll be when Julianna wants to get her toes painted. My mom reminded me that my little brother always wanted to do whatever I was doing, and that Brayden would surely also want some painted toesies. So were contemplating if blue would be appropriate, or if we could just paint a pinky toe when we reach that point. "White" sounds perfect! :-)


  2. Toddlers are so much fun!! I am loving this age too. =)

    i can relate to the oh no one... eirik goes "uh oh" all the time!

  3. So many cute things on this list! Love it =)

  4. Yes it's such a fun age!! Our kids are so alike!! My boys love to say "tank you" all day and "uh ohs" when they drop something. They are obsessed with coming in a room and yelling "Hi!" and then saying "Bye!!" when they walk out. Oh how I wish we could have playdates!! Although I'm certain my two boys would fight over your gorgeous little girl!! :)

  5. How amazing is it when they say "tank you"? Seriously cute.