Monday, February 13, 2012

Potty Training Updates

Oh myyyyyyy!!! I have been completely M.I.A. from blogging, and I can only blame it on my life right now. I miss blogging so much, and I feel like I am cheating documenting my sweet babies' life when I don't blog. HOWEVER, I have just been a busy, busy person. First, work is nuts right now. February is Heart Month, and being as I work for the American Heart Association, it is just crazy busy. Add to that the fact that all consignment sales are into full swing and iamobsessedwithconsigning (no really), so I have been trying to get all of that together - whew.

However, we have had lots of changes going on around here! Jules is officially "day" potty trained! And she is so completely awesome. I am so very, very proud of her. She hasn't had one accident in the last two weeks. She wears panties all the time, even on outings. She is still wearing a diaper during her naps and nighttime. I am not sure what we are supposed to do here - I am assuming just wait until she wakes up dry? Is that the protocol??

How we did it:

We did a loose 3-day method.  Loose meaning it didn't take three days, lol. The first two days I was losing my mind. Day three got better. But, it honestly took about a full week to "REALLY" get the hang of it with no accidents. She wore nothing on the bottom while at home and we took her to potty about every 30 minutes or so and pumped her full of water during the day.

When she went, she would then get to pick a sticker to put on a chart, and then she would get a treat of some sort (no candy, just like raisins or dried cranberrys, etc)

We had an actual daily "chart" - but then it turned into just an all around sticker page, lol

We also made up a potty dance. And we all danced to it when she went. I swear, though, her most favorite thing to do (no joke) is taking her pee bowl and showing everyone and then pouring it out and flushing it down. She is WAY proud of herself here. (luckily we have gotten past this step, lol)

We did resort to "big girl" things - I told her if she didn't have any accidents, she could have big girl earrings, natch!

She finally got it, and once she "got it" she has been perfect. She tells us when she needs to go. She has gone #2 a few times in the potty, not too many, so that is still a challenge. We don't do stickers, dances, etc anymore now. She just goes and is a big girl! sigh...

However, all in all, while that week was.pure.hell. it seems but a memory now, because now I feel like we haven't bought diapers in forever with only one in them during the day! WOOHOO! It's like I got a raise!

Now, onto Josh - he is still in diapers, of course, however, we have been starting with him. Yes, I know its early, but he understands what is going on. So, we decided last week to just see what happens. He peed 3 times in the potty (3 accidents) and #2 once in the first day!!! I could not believe it. COULD NOT BELIEVE IT. I thought I had the most perfect children in the world....until day 2. Then he decided to fight each and every time we went. So, back in diapers we are. We're going to try again this week, and see how it goes. I'm not going to push him. But, he obviously knows how to do it, he is just stubborn.

But YAY for one big girl!

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  1. My daughter STILL doesn't go potty in the potty all the time and she's three.

    Your little lady is CUTE! YAY FOR POTTY TRAINING!

    I am a new follower of your blog :)