Monday, February 13, 2012

A Self Portrait

Is there anything scarier than a self portrait? I think not. I hate the way I look most of the time. I mean, let's be honest, if I'm not fixed up, I am downright frumpy. Add to that a mess of curls on my head. Add to that I am one of the most insecure people you will ever meet. Add to that growing up with gapped teeth to only finally getting it fixed after college. Add to that a larger than life nose. Add to that a job where if I dress up all cutesy-like its really not all that appropriate, so I dont' get fixed up that often (yay for Steppin Out Saturdays!)

So, when The Paper Mama had a self photo challenge, it really took my out of my comfort zone. Yes, I take pics of myself for Steppin Out Saturdays, but they are far away and I'm fixed up as well.

So, it was weird. However, I did it. and am linking up to her and answering these questions she wants us to answer :)

Obsessing over…
Work right now. I love my job. Angry/frustrated at management. Really think I am going to have a good year, but am working my butt off and am exhausted. February needs to end soon.

Working on…
Lots of things! Just got done tagging, hanging, etc all my consignment stuff. I am also editing their 2 year portraits. (I did a Groupon, so they only edited three, which is fine by me, because I love photoshop anyways). I am also attempting a refinish of a cabinet for our TV in the family room. we got a beautiful antique buffet for the dining room for Christmas, so I am painting/distressing that cabinet to go in the family room - when I have time.

Thinking about…
Houses. We live on the line of Williamson County, literally. Our house in is Davidson County, a mile outside the line. We have probably been looking now for two years at houses in Williamson County, but have yet to find the one. We are pretty picky on size, location, etc. And price is a factor too, so hence, its been two years, lol. We have recently been toying around with the idea of buying an older house and gutting it and redoing the entire thing, and that seems pretty fun. In the past two years we have put offers on only two houses. So, we'll see...I am super ready to get this show on the road. *if you are confused, Williamson County is where we want to live and want the kids to go to school here. They are ranked something like the top 10 public school systems in the country

Again, my work year to be over. I have a pretty fab job that is seasonal. So, once schools are out, my campaign closes up shop. And the majority of my event occur in February/March, so after that it's smooth sailing.

Listening to…
Show tunes. I am a dork. All of my Pandora stations are all random show tunes stations. They only let you skip 6 songs int he hour, so I keep lots of stations so I can peruse through them.

Just made dinner! I made a whole roasted chicken glazed with French Onion soup mixed with olive oil in my Le Creuset. Also had corn and mashed potatoes. Yum!

for world peace. Lol. Honestly, a little secret about me - I make the same wish at every birthday, and at 11:11 and at wishing wells, etc. I always have wished to be happy. That's all. I am sure as a child I wished for other things, and I think in high school I wished for a certain boy. But, honestly every wish I wish for happiness. Once I had kids, I now wish for me and my family to be happy and healthy.

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  1. You are a beautiful lady, "fixed up" or not =) Great pic! Hope your busy time at work passes quickly...

  2. Great post - I'm going to have to do one myself. And for the record, you're beautiful! :)

  3. I am going to rip you a new asshole.

    You have NOTHING to be insecure over, and you better own it! You are gorgeous, in amazing shape, you do NOT look like every other Southern Mom out there, thank god, your sense of fashion is AMAZING, the Prater girls have natural features that rich people pay big money for (hair, lips, boobs, just being honest...) AND you are raising two amazing kids while working and being a great wife. So the next time you say anything about hating the way you look, I'm driving to Nashville and whipping you!!!! ;)

  4. You are gorgeous. You shouldn't be insecure about anything. You are beautiful!