Monday, February 6, 2012

Steppin Out Saturday - Outta here and Hockey

This weekend was a little different for everyone here in the Baby Strib's household. It was super rainy and just plain nasty here, so Jake and I decided to take them to the mall and do a little shopping and a little lunching at Chick-Fil-a.
Josh drinking a little juice at Chick Fil A

Jake and I at the hockey game - me trying out the red lips look :)

On Julesie:
Skirt and Top: Coco BonBons//Leggings:BabyLegs//Shoes: Target

Seriously? Precious...
On Josh: Sweater and Tshirt:Gap//Jeans:Gymboree//Shoes: Gap

So cute!!!

This might be the most precious picture ever. They are ready to go byebye! (they love their suitcases)

Then, Saturday night the babes went to spend the night at Grama and Papa's house! So, Jake and I had a super fun date night! We decided to go to the Nashville Predators hockey game. We started out at Whiskey Kitchen to eat, then went to the game, then went and did us a little honkey tonkin' (for those that are not familiar, that would be going to some of the downtown honkey tonk bars - super fun)
All, in all a super fun Saturday - and then Super Bowl Sunday! Yay for fun weekends :) And yay for my babes being back home! Missed them muches.

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  1. Sounds like fun! I want to try Whiskey Kitchen. Are you coming on Friday? Evie is already talking about it!