Thursday, February 16, 2012

Two Year Portraits

We got the babies' two year portraits done a few weeks ago (ya know, because they're two and all). For the first time EVER, I really didn't put too much thought into their outfits, poses, what I wanted the session to be, etc. I think because it honestly snuck up on me an I still do like to admit that they are, in fact, TWO.

However, I am very pleased with how they turned out. I had a Groupon I bought months ago for Jenn Cady photography, so I finally go her booked. She did a great job. However, because it was a Groupon deal, I only got three edited photos, so I just decided to edit them all myself anyway. I loved them though, and wow, how are these babies two!! Jake at the last second couldn't make it, so we couldn't do a family shot, but I did get a couple snapped of me and the babes (well, of EACH babe, because it was sooo hard to wrangle them in the same shot, much less all three of us in the same shot)

I had a hard time deciding what to put them in. I even went to instagram (@apstribling)to help me decide :)

We went with a preppy look, then with a more dressy/urban look. They of course looked precious as ever :)

On Jules:

Outfit 1- Dress, shirt:Gymboree//Shoes: L'amour(oh how I love these shoes!)
Outfit 2- Dress: Gap (oh how I love this dress!)//Shoes: Target

On Josh:

Outfit 1- Shirt: Old Navy//Vest: Gymboree//Pants: Old Navy//Shoes: Gymboree
Outfit 2 - Shirt and Jeans: Gap//Shoes:Gymboree

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  1. I have a stupid question about your blog itself: How did you get your photos all laid out so nicely? Did you edit them into blocks yourself or does blogger have a fabulous photo tool that lets you do that? I'm struggling with finding a photo viewer/slide show option for WordPress. I like this lay out so much.

  2. Thanks all! Christi - I am sorry to say it's a powerpoint template that I kind of rigged to make it bigger. If you have powerpoint, Rita's Coffee Shop blog has some great web storyboard templates that are easy to use - even for the novice.

  3. These turned out so always =) They are just too adorable for words and I can't believe they are 2. So crazy!

  4. so cute! i love that they look hip and comfortable with the outfits at the same time! I would guess that you are a fashionable mom yourself! (I haven't had the time to browse your blog to get to know you and your baby more, but I promise I will)

    I love looking at cute baby pictures. :) here is a sample of my favorite, other than these pictures of your babies of course.

    Keep posting! Will vote for your blog :) Sheena

  5. oh my gosh, they are so precious!

  6. GORGEOUS pictures! I am your newest follower! Please follow back :)

    I am also having a giveaway, so be sure to check it out! Thanks!

  7. I couldn't decide. They are all gorgeous!
    Loving the green though. So different.