Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Weekly Project 22 - The Boy and his Trains

Dear Josh,

We got you a train table for Christmas, and although you and Jules both like to play with it, it is really your thing. And thats good! Because I love for you both to have different interests and loves. You really love playing with your tracks and trains. You love that they make super cool sounds too. You love saying "TooToo!!" when they go around the tracks. And you, ahem, would prefer playing ON the table rather than off it it. I get it! It's so much easier when you are such a little dude.



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  1. He's so adorable! From what I've seen playing on top of the table is the norm =)

  2. Little boys and trains!! Eirik loves them too! =)

  3. My friend has a 3 year old who LOVES trains and ensured me that my little guy would one day love trains, too. He's only 8 months but he spent a long time playing with a train table at a local indoor playground the other day -- what is it with boys and trains?!

  4. what an amazing table!! parker would fuh-reak out if he got to play with that. i don't think he would ever stop! trains are totally his thing right now.

    PS: i tagged you in my most recent post! if you haven't already done it & you have a few minutes... do it!

  5. @amy@agoodlife

    Word to the wise. If you ever decide to get him a table, get it off Craigslist. I found a BRAND new one at BRU for cheaper, so I was like "Yay, cheaper than used!" Ahem, well, after the 6 hours it took putting it together, I now know why they were pricier on Craigslist, lol

  6. Haven't stopped by in far too long! My how they've grown.
    He's adorable.