Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Just Write - Kids Fashion

I was one of those completely over-excited mommy-to-be's. Because I experienced infertility, I felt like the entire time I was pregnant I was looking forward to having a baby in my hands. What would the baby look like; what would the baby act like - those were constant thoughts in my head. Would the baby look more like me or Jake? Would it  have more my personality or Jake's?  WHEN CAN I START SHOPPING?

Add to that when I found out I was having twins!! Oh my - I was in excitement overdrive. Then add again to that - when I found out I was having the perfect set of boy and girl twins.

I am a southern girl. And most southern girls love to have a house full of monogrammed things, and kids wearing smocked, monogrammed outfits. I was that mother. I have the house full of  monogrammed things. I was going to have the boy and girl twins that matchy-matchyed each and every Sunday to church. Jules in her sweet smocked monogrammed dress and Josh is his JonJon and knee socks would be the talk of the nursery.

And then they came out of my body. My kids aren't the smocked kind. They just aren't. It isn't their personality.  Josh is too much of boy to wear such things. Are they cute on other boys? Sure! But I have found his  fashion look to be teenager-frat-boy trapped in a baby's body. Honestly. I have dressed him (and her) in a smocked outfit only once, and that was for their 6 month pictures.

Jules is also not a smocked dress kind of girl either. Far from it, actually. She is a smart spunky fashionista. She even loves picking out her own clothes now. I thought I would love her in sweet smocked dresses, but they are just not HER! She loves bright colors, and fun patterns and honestly, teenager type clothes in a toddler body (hmm, that sounds familiar).

Maybe it's me. I love shopping for clothes for them, and they are my little dolls. And smocked things just aren't much fun for me. I love fashion, and love different things for them to wear. And, I'm sorry but when I saw that they make little mini-me Polo zip sweaters in Josh-type size that match his Daddy's, well, they had to resuscitate me because I died.

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  1. I love this because I see so many boys in the smocked Jonjons that look RIDICULOUS. I am not big on smocking in general, although I do like jonjons in the summer, but I remember putting Declan in one when he was 2, and thinking he looked like a cross-dresser! I have a friend with a great big honking boy, he's been a chunk and a half since birth -- total linebacker material. And that child wears smocking every. single. day. It looks hilarious! I do think some kids have the personality for it, but some don't, and I'm glad you recognized it!

  2. I always love the outfits you put the babes in! They are always cute smocked or not ;)

  3. I went CRAZY when I found out I was having a girl the first time, because I thought it was going to be dress up parties every day! Boy was I wrong!! Isn't it funny how things change?? :)

  4. What kind of material are the twins wearing in this picture. My son will be a year old in June and we are doing pictures in may I want something nice but my husband and I don't like the smocked outfits either thanks

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